Parque Espana Shima Spain Village (Theme Park based on Spain), Isobe town (Isobe-cho), Shima City (Shima-shi)

  • Location: Entrance. At the park entrance, guests will be greeted by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, striking the same pose as the landmark statue at Plaza de Espana in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

  • Location: Entrance. Passing the entrance gates, guests fine the “Greeting Carousel11 of Sancho Panza and his donkey decorated on a seasonal theme. A popular picture-taking spot in the park.

  • Location: Cibeles Plaza.
    The fountain features Statue of Cybele, a Greek goddess of nature and fertility. An evening illumination of the fountain creates a romantic atmosphere.

  • Location: Mayor Plaza. Created in the image of Plaza Mayor in Madrid, the park’s Mayor Plaza features a symbolic statue of Felipe (Phillip) III, King of Spain, striking a very brave pose on horseback.

  • Location: Carmen Street. Created on an old story in Spain, the Campana de Amor is believed to bring happiness to a couple who ring it together. Ringing the bell is also the part of wedding ceremonies held at the chapel of Hotel Shima Spain Mura.

  • Location: Colosseum. Located behind the Colosseum, this monument is designed to reproduce the Roman ruins in Italica, near the city of Seville.

  • Location: Columbus Plaza. Designed to create the atmosphere of Malaga, in southern Spain, the Columbus Plaza features a symbolic statue of Columbus pointing to somewhere in the distance from the top of the tower.

  • Location: Carmen Street. Water symphony is located next to Puerta de las Granadas at the entrance of Santa Cruz Street. Streams of water splash out from the stove pavement as if they are dancing to music. Evening illumination makes this water show especially romantic.

  • Location: Cibeles Plaza. Enjoy a musical show by Don Quixote and his friends at the park’s symbolic clock tower, located at the end of Espana Street. The show can be seen every hour as well at the starting time of the parade.

  • Location: Between Xavier Castle Museum and Columbus Plaza. Cave of Sun is an escalator tunnel that connects the Xavier Castle and the Columbus Plaza. Its walls and ceilings are decorated with colorful illuminations that rhythmically flash to music.