Sakakibara Onsen (Hot Spring Spa), Hisai City (Hisai-shi), Tsu City (Tsu-shi)

One of the three most famous hot springs in Japan, Sakakibara Onsen (Sakakibara Noyu) Hot Spring Spa has been popular since ancient times. It is mentioned in the Makuranososhi (Pillow Book) of Sei Shonagon, a female writer and member of the lmperial court during the 10th century, where it is referred to as – Nanakuri-no-yu.

Located on the Aoyama high-land and cradled in the bosom of nature, the Sakakibara hot spa area is well known for its clear hot spring water which has been known to be good for the body and soul since ancient times. The open-air bath are located on-site and there are many golf courses nearby.

Kind of hot spring (Spring quality): Alkaline Simple Thermal

Effects: Rheumatoid arthritis, skin disease, gynecological disease, diabetes, neuralgia, recovery from fatigue, etc..

Address and Contact
Sakakibara Onsen (Hot Spring Spa) Sakakibara-cho, Hisai City (Hisai-shi), Tsu City (Tsu-shi), Mie Prefecture 514-1251, Japan Note: On January 1, 2006 Hisai City (Hisai-shi) was merged into the expanded city of Tsu and no longer exists as an independent municipality. Getting There: Fifteen minutes by bus from Kintetsu Sakakibara Onsen station, or thirty minutes by bus from Kintetsu Hisai station. Tel: 059-252-0017, 059-252-1800