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  • Oze National Park

    Oze National Park

    Oze is home to many beautiful flowers, including skunk cabbages that bloom in marshes during the thawing season and daylilies that show their vivid yellow petals as the surrounding mountains turn green. The area’s rich floral environment is a result of interaction among its marshes, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and local animals. These beautiful surroundings, […]

  • About Oze – Oshimizu, Lake Ozenuma, Fujimi & Hatomachi Pass, Yamanohana, Ryugu, Yoshippori Tashiro

    In Oze there are a number of famous, scenic spots, such as the Waterfall of Sanjo, Yama-no-Hana, the Hatomachi Pass, the Fujimi Pass, the Oze Marsh, Ozegahara, etc. All those are must-see sights. About 80 per cent of the visitors enter Oze through the two major entrances (Hatomachi-Pass and Numayama-Pass), with over half arriving through […]