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  • Shizuoka: The Green Tea Center Of Japan

    Shizuoka: The Green Tea Center Of Japan

    Shizuoka is the largest producer of this national beverage. You too can become a tea expert, as you learn about Tea. Green tea could be called the “national beverage” of Japan. So you’ve come to the right place to try this delicious and healthful drink; Shizuoka prefecture produces half of all the tea grown in […]

  • A Brief History of Shizuoka City

    A Brief History of Shizuoka City

    B.C.6-B.C.5 some people inhabited the region blessed with a warm climate. B.C.3 they came to know to utilize not only stone-made tools but metal-made ones and began to settle someplace where they could produce rice as their main food. “Toro Ruine” now reveals to you their dwellings, rice fields, tools, and granaries of an ancient […]

  • The Tastes of Hamamatsu: Food Guide

    The Tastes of Hamamatsu: Food Guide

    Lake Hamana specialties such as grilled eel and turtle cuisine are plentiful so visitors don’t forget the taste of Hamamatsu. Trying these dishes is one aim of most of the city’s tourists. The Hamamatsu area is also famous for the production of high-quality green tea, mandarin oranges, melon, and other fruits. Thanks to the bountiful […]

  • Shizuoka Spring Festivals Guide

    Shizuoka Spring Festivals Guide

    Here’s our list of the best Festivals going on in Shizuoka Prefecture in Spring in the months of March, April and May. March Okichi Memorial Festival, Shimoda City (Shimoda-shi) Festival Period: March 27 The geisha in Shimoda offers a mass on behalf of Tojin Okichi, who was appointed by the Japanese government to serve as […]

  • Ryotanji Temple and Garden

    Ryotanji Temple and Garden

    The Ryotanji Temple was founded in the year 733 by Gyoki, Bodhisattva. There are many cultural assets here, such as the garden designed by Enshu Kobori, and the sculpture of a dragon carved by Jingoro Hidari. The li family’s Temple is called Munenaga Shino and the grave of Prince Munenaga Shino who died about 500 […]

  • Outskirts of Hamamatsu Area, Hamamatsu City

    Outskirts of Hamamatsu Area, Hamamatsu City

    Hamamatsu is well-known for its industrial production, particularly musical instruments, motorcycles, and textiles. In this area, there are plant and flower theme parks, history museums, and industrial tourism facilities where you can visit local factories. The Enshu Coast, Nakatajima Sand Dunes, and some unique theme museums are located on the outskirts of Hamamatsu. Found on […]

  • Tenryu in Hokuen (Northern) Area, Hamamatsu City

    The Hokuen (Northern) Area (Tenryu, Haruno, Sakuma, Misakubo, Tatsuyama), 90% of which is surrounded by forests, is abundant in greenery and home to lakes and rivers. Through the center runs the mighty Tenryu River. The area displays history and traditional culture as influenced by these surroundings. A wide variety of outdoor leisure can be enjoyed […]

  • Mikomoto Island Diving of Izu Peninsula

    Mikomoto Island Diving of Izu Peninsula

    Mikomoto Jima (Mikomoto Island) is a small windswept rocky island some 9km off the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula. Barely large enough to support the lighthouse, which is its distinguishing feature, Mikomoto Jima ascends from deep water. It is continuously washed by the cold current that rises from the nearby ocean trench. The trench […]

  • Shizuoka Summer Festivals

    Shizuoka Summer Festivals

    Here’s our of all the fantastic festivals that take place in Shizuoka prefecture over the summer months from June until the End of August. There are also some great Spring festivals held in Shizuoka. Dontsuku Festival, Higashi Izu-machi Festival Period: June 2-3 During this humorous festival, local geisha parade through the streets carrying a phallus […]

  • Ryugashi Cave and Museum

    Ryugashi Cave and Museum

    Mount Ryugashi lies 3km north-coast of Lake Hamana. Legend says there’s a rock near the top of this mountain with the claw marks of a dragon (‘Ryugashi’ means ‘dragon’s rock’)- Below, extending 1000m into the south face of the Ryugashi mountain (elevation 359 meters), is another mysterious and magical place – ‘Ryugashido’, the biggest limestone […]

  • Ita and Osezaki (Ose) Diving of Izu Peninsula, Numazu City (Numazu-shi)

    Ita and Osezaki (Ose) Diving of Izu Peninsula, Numazu City (Numazu-shi)

    Ita is a gently curving bay on the west coast of Izu just south of Osezaki. Backed by paddy fields and mountains, this is one of the most tranquil, isolated diving locations in Izu. Facing due west with great views of Mt. Fuji on a clear day, Ita can be cold and bleak in bad […]

  • ACT City Hamamatsu

    ACT City Hamamatsu

    Serving as an exchange base for the highest quality of music, culture, industry, and technology attainable, ACT City provides a wide array of amenities including function halls, a first-class hotel, the Exhibition Event Center, the Congress Center, and the Musical Instrument Museum. As an international city, Hamamatsu will dispatch masses of information to the world. […]

  • Hamamatsu City Central Area

    Hamamatsu City Central Area

    Downtown Hamamatsu is the hub of the city’s economy, culture and transportation network, as well as the location of various city functions such as governmental body and information service industry. This is the downtown area where JR Hamamatsu Station, the entrance to the city, is located. Here you can enjoy shopping, eating and drinking, while […]

  • Memorial of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Shukubamachi Settlement

    Memorial of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Shukubamachi Settlement

    Ancient bones found in Mikkabi and the Toro Ruins in Shizuoka city stand as evidence that humans have been attracted to the geography and climate of Shizuoka since the Stone Age. The founder of the Tokugawa Dynasty, the legendary Tokugawa Ieyasu, chose to live in Suruga (now Shizuoka city) which made it the unofficial capital […]

  • Izu Peninsula Popular Beaches and Surrounding Hot Spots

    Izu Peninsula Popular Beaches and Surrounding Hot Spots

    Izu Peninsula area mainly consists of the beach breaks around Shimoda city, with white sand and beautiful water. Because of its jagged coastline, every point has different ideal conditions. It’s a very popular area due to its scenic location and sightseeing spots, so a lot of city surfers visit here. Owing to its rolling verdant […]

  • Mt. Fuji & Nature

    Mt. Fuji & Nature

    Why do the Japanese love Mt. Fuji? It is not just because it is the highest peak in Japan. The magnificent summit reaching above a lush, green, forest; the mysterious silhouette reflected in the water; the mountain’s changing visage through the seasons shows the real beauty of nature. No matter how often you see it, […]

  • Shizuoka City

    Shizuoka City Thrilling new encounters are awaiting you. Between the cloud skirted ridges of the Southern Alps/ Minami Arupusu (Akaishi Mountains) and the deep blue waters of Suruga Bay lies a land of rich in nature and ancient cultural traditions. Nature, warm hearts, flavors, history, and an exciting future are a part of Shizuoka City’s grand […]

  • Local Special Products of Shizuoka City

    Nature’s blessings and traditional skills abound Nature’s abundance yielded fine cuisine from the fruits of land and sea while the cosmopolitan culture of the highway nurtured refined handicrafts. Shizuoka’s deep history is very much alive today. Suruga Bamboo Lattice ware (SurugaTake Sensuji Zaiku) Shizuoka has long been renowned for its fine bamboo work involving the […]

  • Suruga Bay Ferry (Shimizu Port – Toi Port) and Shimizu Bay Cruises, Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi)

    Suruga Bay Ferry (Shimizu Port – Toi Port) and Shimizu Bay Cruises, Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi)

    The route lies at the foothills of Mount Fuji. The majestic view of beautiful Mount Fuji towering above the coastline is a sight that can only be glimpsed from a boat. Shimizu Port, where the landing is located, is just 15 minutes by car from Shimizu Interchange, or a bus ride of seven or eight […]

  • Holiday Experience and Historical Spots in Fukuroi City (Fukuroi-Shi)

    Designated a Prefectural Natural Park, the Asaba Coast is a beautiful shoreline stretching 5.6 km east and west where emerald green waves wash up on white beaches. In summer, the beaches are crowded with young people enjoying marine sports such as windsurfing. Beach net fishing Demonstration and Experience Tourists can have a shot at throwing […]

  • Famous Temples in Fukuroi City (Fukuroi-shi) Yusanji Temple, one of the 3 distinguished temples of Enshu – A sacred temple having a miraculous effect on eye disease. Located 6 km northeast of Fukuroi Station, Yusanji Temple is an old temple of the Singon Sect that is called “Aburayama” and admired by many people, This temple is said to have originated […]