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  • Historical walks of Akita As well as Takashimizu Park [the remains of ancient castle] and Senshu Park [the remains of the Edo period castle], Akita has many interesting historic sites. Hie Hachiman Jinja shrine The red three-storied pagoda has such finely detailed craft work that it is even called ‘The Nikko shrine of Akita’. Taiheizan Miyoshi Jinja shrine […]

  • Introduction to Akita Prefecture

    Introduction to Akita Prefecture

    Profile of Akita Prefecture Located in the northeast part of Honshu Island on the Japan sea side,Akita Prefecture shares the same latitude with Beijing,Madrid and New York.Nestled in steep,high mountains,Akita is bordered on the north by Aomori Prefecture,the east by Iwate Prefecture and on the south by Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures.The Sea of Japan borders […]