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  • The Famous Mochi Rice Cakes Of Ichinoseki

    The Famous Mochi Rice Cakes Of Ichinoseki

    Ichinoseki’s Famous Mochi Cuisine Has the Greatest Variety in Japan. The mochi cuisine of Ichinoseki dates back to the Edo period. There are over 300 types of recipes; some of the standard fillings and toppings -include sweet bean paste, sesame, soybean flour, and walnuts;-more unusual ones include grated daikon radish, ginger, marsh shrimp, perilla, and […]

  • Iwaki LaLa Mew

    Iwaki LaLa Mew

    Enjoy the charm of the new Port of Onahama at Iwaki La La Mew, a facility that provides tourist information about Iwaki and has a fresh fish market with plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy the freshest seafood dishes, and there is even a terminal for day cruises right outside. Opening Hours: 9:00am to […]

  • What To Eat In Mie

    What To Eat In Mie

    Mie is a haven of fresh delicacies from the sea and mountains. Here you’ll find a dish to suit your tastes whatever they might be. Matsusaka Beef (Matsusaka-city) This high-quality beef is from a select “kuroushi” breed of cattle, which are fattened on beer and massaged in order to enhance the texture of the meat. […]

  • The Tastes of Hamamatsu: Food Guide

    The Tastes of Hamamatsu: Food Guide

    Lake Hamana specialties such as grilled eel and turtle cuisine are plentiful so visitors don’t forget the taste of Hamamatsu. Trying these dishes is one aim of most of the city’s tourists. The Hamamatsu area is also famous for the production of high-quality green tea, mandarin oranges, melon, and other fruits. Thanks to the bountiful […]