Grilled eel from Hamamatsu

The Tastes of Hamamatsu: Food Guide

Lake Hamana specialties such as grilled eel and turtle cuisine are plentiful so visitors don’t forget the taste of Hamamatsu. Trying these dishes is one aim of most of the city’s tourists. The Hamamatsu area is also famous for the production of high-quality green tea, mandarin oranges, melon, and other fruits.

Thanks to the bountiful natural surroundings, Hamamatsu is full of delicious foods. Why not try some of the Hamamatsu specialties: seafood from the Enshu Sea and Lake Hamana, goods from the mountainous areas of the north, and various traditional products, a result of the mild climate and Mother Nature.

Unaju Hamamatsu Eel
Unaju Hamamatsu Eel

Hamamatsu is the fishery base of Western Shizuoka Prefecture. Maisaka port boasts one of the largest catches of whitebait in the country and the production of clams and prawns in Lake Hamana, famous nationwide for eel cultivation, has been progressing rapidly. More recently, this area has gained a reputation for high-quality natural blowfish (torafugu) from the Enshu coast, as well as sweetfish (ayu) and red-spotted masu salmon (amago) from the Tenryu River.

Eel sashimi in Hamamatsu
Eel sashimi in Hamamatsu

The most popular souvenirs of this area are papier-mache(Hamamatsu Hariko), products made from silk fabric, miniature kites, calligraphy brushes (Hikuma Hagifude), melon, and grilled eel. There are also a wide variety of candies and other delicious treats.

Mikkabi/Topia Mandarin Oranges

Nationally well-known, sweet, fresh, and juicy Aoshima mandarin oranges should not be missed!

Agricultural Cooperatives, Mikkabi Town (JA Mikkabi)

Tel: 053-525-1011, 053-525-1016


JA Topia Hamamatsu Tel: 053-476-3111


Hamamatsu Gyoza (Potsticker)

Local gourmet Hamamatsu dumpling
Local gourmet Hamamatsu dumpling

Gyoza (Potsticker) is Japanese-style dumplings skin; filled with meat and vegetables. Hamamatsu is now said to be the No.1 Gyoza consuming city in Japan. Many Gyoza take-out shops which add boiled bean sprouts to the Gyoza dish are to be found here.

Hamamatsu Gyoza (Gyoza) Society

Hour: 9:00-17:00 TEL & FAX: 053-465-5373

Website: or

Ishimatsu Gyoza
TEL: 053-586-8522


Hamamatsu Gyoza 538( “Ishimatsu Gyoza” is certified by the association.) Hours: 9:30 to 17:30 TEL: 0120-53-8561 FAX: 053-465-4613


The Official Shop for “Yaramaika (let’s try) Hamamatsu” merchandise is open!


The shop is inside the local Hamamatsu brewery, “Mein Schloss”. About 15 of the 71 officially certified “Yaramaika” products are sold here. TEL: 053-452-1146 (Mein Schloss) Hours: 11 :OO~14:3O, 17:00-21:00 Closed: Mondays



Why not bring home Hamamatsu’s specialty cakes as a gift?


Marutaya Cake Shop TEL: 053-441-9456


Hamanako Yaki

Kawamori Shokuhin, G-Slash – Hamamatsu Surf Shop (Bat food Co., Ltd) Tel: 053-442-3500 Fax: 053-442-1200


Hamanatto (fermented soy beans)

YAMAYA SOY SAUCE INC. TEL: 053-461-0808 FAX: 053-465-0135


Torii Sauce

Foods Co., Ltd. Torii TEL: 053-461-1575 FAX: 053-465-0200


Teyaki Shusse “Oodako Sen”

TEL.053-471-7758 (Kirakudo Honpo)

Kanzanji Monogatari

KOGIKU co.,ltd. (Japanese Modern Sweets) TEL: 053-441-0550 FAX: 053-442-3601


Unagi Nobori

Furusato Souhonke Co.,Ltd TEL: 053-437-1228 FAX: 053-437-1280



Contact – Dorian Cake Shop Tel: 053-434-7886 Fax: 053-435-6339


Oku Hamanako Misoman Monogatan

Lake Hamana is an abundant source of freshwater fish, among the most significant of which is eel. Natural Torafugu (a kind of globefish) caught in coastal waters has also been gaining in popularity in recent years.

Oku Hamanako Tourism Communication Council Tel and Fax: 053-522-4720


Eel, Blowfish, and Hamo! Try Lake Hamana’s 3 Big Specialty Foods

Hamanako Unagi (Eel)

Hamamatsu’s specialty is eel and Lake Hamana-produced eel is well known all over Japan. Eel is commonly used in Japanese cuisine (grilled eel).

Contact – Lake Hamana Fish Culture Fisherman’s Cooperative

Tel: 053-592-0123 Fax: 053-596-1179


Lake Hamana Katsumi
TEL & FAX: 053-526-1088


Hamo (Sharp Toothed Eel/conger eels)

Hamo is highly valued as a quality fish in the Kansai district, specifically in Kyoto. Recently, Hamo has been caught nearby in the Enshu Sea and the people here are also developing a taste for it. Kanzanji Onsen around Lake Hamana, visitors can enjoy the local delicacies of unagi (eel) and fugu (blowfish), at a fraction of Tokyo prices. Onsen tamago, eggs boiled in the onsen waters, or onsen manju a steamed sweet, also make a delicious snack.

TEL.053-487-0152 (Kanzanji Hot Springs Tourism Association)


Enshu Nada Natural Blowfish (Torafugu / Tiger Blowfish/ Shimonoseki Fugu)

The offshore Enshu Sea has recently become a leading natural blowfish fishing ground nationwide. These days, the local people here can also enjoy blowfish.

Contact – Enshu Nada Blow-fish Cooking and Processing Cooperative, Lake Hamana Entertainment

Tel: 053-487-0194, 053-487-1117


Salted Fish (skipjack tuna, Octopus, squid..)

Gemma TEL: 0120-677-021 FAX: 053-592-6668


Enshu Nada Young Sardines [whitebait)

Hamana Fisherman’s Cooperative (Honjo fishery Hamana) TEL: 053-592-2911


Lake Hamana Asari (clams)

Asari clams are steamed with Japanese sake. It’s a simple but delicious appetizer. You may enjoy asari miso soup and sakamushi, or asari clams steeped in sake.

TEL.053-592-2911 (Hamana Fisherman’s Cooperative)

Locally Brewed Sake

The local sake, brewed using underflow water from the mountains or the Tenryu River, including “Hana no Mai”, “Yamada Nishiki” and “Shussejo”, has been awarded many prizes.

Hana no Mai Sake Brewery

TEL: 053(582)2121 FAX: 053(589)0122


Hamamatsu Sake Brewery
TEL: 053-461-6145 FAX: 053-463-3851


Suppon (soft-shelled turtles)

Hattori Nakamura Suppon Farm Tel: 053-592-0020 Fax: 053-592-7724


Lake Hamana Turtle

“Selectfood” – Nakamura Hattori Turtle Firm Tel: 053-450-2301 Fax: 053-450-2300


Lake Hamana Prawns

For fisheries, eel farming in Lake Hamana-ko is famous. For fish farming, the cultivation of clams and prawns are also carried on. Clams raised in the brackish water of Lake Hamana are particularly tasty. In spring and summer, some locations like Bentenjima are open to the public for clam digging, which has become a seasonal tradition. Prawns and aonori seaweed are also local specialty food produced in Lake Hamana.

TEL.053-592-2911 (Hamana Fisherman’s Cooperative)

Mikatabara Danshaku Imo Potato Chips

Enshu Yume Kurabu TEL: 053-587-1025 FAX: 053-586-0132



Contact – Aoi Tel: 053-435-3365 Fax: 053-435-3367


Unagi Pie

Eel cookies (UNAGI-PAI) and eel bone chips are sold in Hamamatsu. Night confection “UNAGI PIE”, a famous confection in Hamamatsu. Since the first launch in 1961 as Lake Hamana’s specialty. It is a famous confection produced with fresh butter and selected ingredients in combination with seasonings such as eel extract and garlic.


TEL: 0120-210481 FAX: 0120-214581


Unagipie Nuts

This is UNAGI PIE using almonds abundantly and providing you with a different taste.


This is a pie using fresh “Whitebait (Young sardine)” plentifully as Shizuoka’s local specialty and being baked as crispy. Sweet taste with sprinkled granulated sugar and slightly spicy taste with horseradish. It is perfect for treats and snacks for alcohol.

“Confection for Midnight” UNAGIPIE V.S.O.P.

This is the best grade UNAGI PIE wrapping up the rich aroma of quality brandy and the flavor of macadamia nuts as the king of nuts and reaching the top of UNAGI PIE as Lake Hamana’s specialty. Bring it to your comfortable dream world as your companion.


This is a pretty small size of UNAGI PIE (with Nuts and Honey).


Hatnamatsu Bunmeido TEL: 053-462-0002 FAX: 053-461-2220


Nunohasi no Yuki

Contact – Tamachi Baigetsu Tel: 053-447-0181


Jiichiro no Baumkuchen

Yataro Group Tel: 053-461-8150 Fax: 053-461-8168


Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets)

Komatsu confectionery shop TEL: 053-987-0203 FAX: 053-987-0203


      • SHUNKADO HONTEN 321-10 Kaji-machi, Hamamatsu, Naka Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0933, JapanTel: 053-453-7100
      • SANARUKO PARKTOWNTEN 1928-8 Tomitsukacho, Hamamatsu, Naka Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 432-8002, JapanTel: 053-471-6100
      • EKIMAE BILLTEN 2-12 Kaji-machi, Hamamatsu, Naka Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0933, JapanTel: 053-454-7100
      • SATOUTEN 2-35-23 Sato, Hamamatsu, Naka Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0807, JapanTel: 053-411-1155
      • HONSYA KOUJYO BAITEN 553 Kamida-machi, Hamamatsu, Naka Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 432-8047, JapanTel: 053-441-3340

    Unagi Pie Website:

Hamamatsu’s Local Brand Merchandise (Yaramaika Hamamatsu)

The Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry established the brand business “Yaramaika Hamamatsu”. As of January 2009, the number of certified brand products was 71. Some of the items are introduced here in the guidebook. Please access the web site for further information.

For further information on Yaramaika Hamamatsu Brand Merchandise: Tel: 053-452-1114, Website:

Further information on Hamamatsu Gifts:

Hamamatsu City Souvenir Association 156-3 Shiomachi, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Naka Ward (Naka-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 432-8034, Japan TEL: 053-458-3635 FAX: 053-453-3225


Find cuisine in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture:



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