Spa Resort Hawaiians Pool

Spa Resort Hawaiians: The Word’s Largest Outdoor Hot Spring

Spa Resort Hawaiians is a large leisure park that utilizes the natural hot springs of the area. In the large dome, the temperature is set at 28 degrees Celsius all year round, creating a Hawaiian atmosphere.

The Largest Outdoor Hot Spring In The World

Spa Resort Hawaiians Outdoor Bath
Spa Resort Hawaiians Outdoor Bath

The site is 6 times as big as Tokyo Dome and there are many facilities that utilize the healing properties of the hot water. There is a large open-air bath that is actually listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest outdoor open-air hot spring bath in the world. You can enjoy the thrill and speed of the rides, or just relax and appreciate the Polynesian Dance Show and the tropical atmosphere. With five theme parks (Water Park, Spring Park, Spa Garden PAREO, Edo Jowa Yoichi, ViR PORT) each exhibiting a distinct personality, this is the ideal hot spring paradise.

Dance Troupe

Spa Resort Hawaiians Show
Spa Resort Hawaiians Show

One of the Resort’s most well-known features is its dance troupe. Rather than inviting an outside troupe to perform, the company decided to create its own, and initially trained 18 employees’ daughters. In the very close-knit mining community, entire families would work at the Resort.

One Of The Best Hot Spring Theme Parks In Japan

Spa Resort Hawaiians Onsen Hot Spring
Spa Resort Hawaiians Onsen Hot Spring

Nakamura intentionally kept the hotel small at the beginning, so the local ryokan would benefit from the increased business, and purchase as much as possible from local suppliers.

Its popularity reached its peak in 1970–71, as attendance passed 1.55 million visitors per year. Spa Resort Hawaiians were ranked No.1 among nationwide facilities in the “Hot Spring Theme Park Ranking” of the Nikkei Home Publishing, INC. publication, “Nikkei Trendy May Issue,” with a total of 76 points.

Spa Resort Hawaiians have located 1km from the Iwaki Yumoto Interchange (5 minutes by car).

Opening Hours: Apr to Sept 9:30am~10:00pm (weekdays) 9:00am~10:30pm (weekends & public holidays) Oct to Mar 10:00am~10:00pm (weekdays)

9:00am~10:30pm (weekends & public holidays)

Admission Charge: Admission Adults: 3,150 Yen / after 3pm 2,650 Yen / after 6pm 2,450 Yen Admission Children (12 years): 2,000 Yen / after 3pm 1,650 Yen / after 6pm 1,650 Yen

Admission Children (3 years): 1,400 Yen / after 3pm 1,150 Yen / after 6pm 1,150 Yen

Address and Contact
Spa Resort Hawaiians 50 Warabidaira Jobanfujiwaramachi, Iwaki (Central Iwaki), Fukushima Prefecture 972-8326, Japan Spa Resort Hawaiians – Latitude: 37.04038 Longitude: 140.769882 Tel: 0246-43-3191

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