Tekone Sushi In Mie

What To Eat In Mie

Mie is a haven of fresh delicacies from the sea and mountains. Here you’ll find a dish to suit your tastes whatever they might be.

Matsusaka Beef (Matsusaka-city)

Matsusaka beef In Mie
Matsusaka beef In Mie

This high-quality beef is from a select “kuroushi” breed of cattle, which are fattened on beer and massaged in order to enhance the texture of the meat. This delicacy can be enjoyed as steak, in sukiyaki, in a shabu shabu hot-pot, or in yakiniku barbecue.

Ise-ebi Lobster and Seafood (Ise-Shima)

The sweet, pink, almost translucent Ise-ebi Lobster melts in your mouth, and this king of shrimp cuisine is delicious and used in both Western and Japanese dishes. Other excellent local varieties of seafood include oysters, abalone, red snapper, and sazae (top-shell).

Akafuku Rice Cakes (Ise-city)

Akafuku rice cakes have been enjoyed by pilgrims to Ise Grand Shrine since they were first created in 1707. The main Akafuku shop, located in front of Ise Grard Shrine, also produces rice cakes. The visitor can eat and purchase it for souvenir there.

Tekone Sushi (Ise-Shima)

Tekone Sushi In Mie
Tekone Sushi In Mie

This dish made with fresh-cought katsuo (bonito) seasoned with soy sause, was created by local fishermen as a ready-to-eat sushi.

Dengaku (Ueno-city)

A specialty of the Iga region, this dish consists of baked tofu in a fragrant miso sauce flavored with tree buds.

Ise Udon (Ise-city)

This famous udon dish of Ise includes plump noodles served in a dark broth seasoned with a unique tamari soy sauce and sweet mirin(rice vinegar) and flavored with green onions and red pepper.

Tsu Gyoza

Tsugyoza Tsugyoza dumplings fried dumplings
Tsugyoza Tsugyoza dumplings fried dumplings


Raw oysters In Mie
Raw oysters In Mie