Nagashima Spa & Resort Hotel, Nabana no Sato Village, Nagashima town (Nagashima-cho)

Refresh and rejuvenate yourself by taking in the cool breeze that flows through the park during the spring and early summer. Offer day trip and natural hot spa.

See the vast assortment of blooming flowers provides novel and ever-changing scenery. Also beautiful when lit up at night. Just a ten minute drive from Nagashima Spa Land. Also visit nearby Nagoya Anpanman Children`s Museum and Park and Mitsui Outlet Park Nagashima (Jazz Dream Nagashima).

Nabana no Sato – A small, dreamlike village located on the bank of the Nagara river

The village’s chapel, which reflects in the clear surface of the pond. A flower park enveloped by seasonal flowers that somehow has a foreign feeling to it.

A paradise reminiscent of home that enables visitors to relax. Casual landscapes that give birth to new feelings. The flying observatory ride takes you up to 45 meters above the ground! Enjoy the panoramic view of the flower garden! The Nobi Flats can be seen in the distance. Come and enjoy this paradise of flowers, nature and cuisine.

Places to see in Nabana no Sato

Asdes Flower Garden (Begonia Garden)

Boasts a brilliant display of 12,000 bulbs in flower, including gorgeous colorful begonias.


Japan’s Largest Flower Festival (from around early March to early May)

Enjoy a range of beautiful spring flowers, such as the “Flowering Trees Festival” featuring plum, cherry, and peach trees in full bloom, the “Spring Flowers Festival” featuring violas, pansies, stocks, and daisies in full bloom, and the Tulip Festival” that boasts a sea of colorfully blooming tulip petals all around.


Hydrangea and Iris Festival (from around late May to early July)

The “Hydrangea and Iris Festival”, which is held at Nabana no Sato, boasts 70,000 flowering hydrangeas from 5O varieties, including Japanese hydrangeas “Hydrangea macrophylla” and Occidental hydrangeas “Hortensias”. Amidst all the bright colors, the 8,000 iris bulbs from 50 different varieties set an artistic tone. The flowers compete to fill every corner blooming like a carpet covering the 2.6-hectare expanse.

Sato no Yu (Spa)

Feel free to relax and enjoy a soak in the outdoor baths surrounded by seasonal flowers and in the natural hot springs common bathing area.

Rose Garden
Located within the Begonia Garden where you can enjoy roses in both spring and fall.

Japanese Restaurant “Hlsul”
Enjoy the taste of refined Japanese cuisine.


Dahlia and Cosmos Festival (Mid-September to mid-November)

Cosmos bloom turning the flower plaza into a carpet of colors at the Cosmos Festival and various types of dahlia bloom at the Dahlia Festival. Other beautiful autumn flowers that bloom in the park are scarlet sage, zinnia and marigold.


A Symphony of Light and Winter Flowers Winter Illumination (Mid-November to early March)

Come and view the Winter Illuminations where the natural beauty of Nabana no Sato and the twinkling lights combine to create a fantastical world stretching out before your eyes. Come and enjoy the gentle, relaxed passing of time here and the atmosphere so different to Nabana no Sato in the daytime.

Group Packages (Lunch and Dinner Package)

Nagahsima Beer Garden – Microbrewery and Restaurant serving local beers Serving three kinds of freshly brewed “Nagashima Local Beers” and a variety of dishes, including barbecues. Clam Rice Pot – Menus are subject to seasonal changes Barbecue – The meal serves four people.

Group seats for 400 people.

Getting There:

See Nagashima Spa Land – Amusement Park

Address and Contact:

Nabana no Sato 270 Urushibata, Komae, Nagashima town (Nagashima-cho), Kuwana District (Kuwana-gun), Mie Prefecture 511-1144 Phone: 0594-41-0787 Fax: 0594-41-0788

For group reservations: 0594-45-2000

Nagashima Resort Co., Ltd. 333 Urayasu, Nagashima town (Nagashima-cho), Kuwana District (Kuwana-gun), Mie Pref. 511-1192 Tel.: +81-594-45-1111 Nagashima Resort Reservations Center: Tel.: 81-594-45-2000