Okukahada Gorge forest, waterfalls and Resort in Iitaka town(Iitaka-cho), Matsusaka City(Matsusaka-shi)


This Okukahada Gorge ravine along the upper reaches of the Kushida river features a breathtaking view of huge boulders, primeval forest, and waterfalls both large and small.

Hotel Smeall

An amusement treasure trove, where you can experience a variety of sports, including putter golf, a cycling course, barbecue corner, health walking course, children’s play facilities, etc., etc. The charming facilities are sure to satisfy both adults and children. Refresh your heart and body while enjoying the scenic splendor of nature. Lodging facilities and a hot spring are also available.

Address and Contact:
Okukahadakyo Resort (Hotel Smeall) 2296-1 Mori, Iitaka town (Iitaka-cho), Matsusaka City (Matsusaka-shi), Mie Prefecture 515-161, Japan Getting There: Ninety minutes by bus (Hotel Smeall stop) from JR or Kintetsu Matsusaka TEL: 0598-45-0003 FAX: 0598-45-0085

Email: i…@smeall.co.jp

Website: http://smeall.co.jp/