Windmill on the Aoyama Plateau Sunset

Aoyama Plateau (Aoyama-Kogen)

The Aoyama Kogen is a gently sloping highland is located 600 to 700 meters above sea level. Red azaleas blanket the region from mid-April to mid-May, and a local resort offers tennis courts, a golf course, and an equestrian club.

Silhouette of a windmill and a motorcycle on the Aoyama Plataeu
Silhouette of a windmill and a motorcycle on the Aoyama Plataeu

A gently undulating plateau in the center of the Murou Akame Aoyama National Park and covers the Nunobiki mountain district with Mt. Kasatori as its main mountain, it can be enjoyed through all four seasons, with Japanese aroma and azaleas, followed by fringed pink, the white heads of saw grass in the autumn, and the beautiful iced trees in the winter and is a very popular hiking spot.

Japanese pampas grass on the Aoyama plateau
Japanese pampas grass on the Aoyama plateau

“Aoyama was created in the Aoyama area, surrounded by beautiful greenery and famous for its history and culture. Why don’t you enjoy a relaxing lifestyle amongst comfortable: fragrances with “Aoyama” which is friendly for people and the environment.

Situated in the mid-western part of MiE Prefecture. Aoyam still retains bountiful natural resources, including the Aoyam Plateau, The water flowing through the mountains separating IGA and ISE has been making the fertile land rich and growing magnificent forests.

Aoyama Kogen
Aoyama Kogen

In ancient times, the Aoyama area flourished as a key point of journeys and as a post station, You can find the name of this area In Manyoshyu (literally meaning the “Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves”), the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry compiled in around 7S0 AD and how it touched travelers’ sentiment.

Japanese pampas grass in autumn Nara Soni Kogen
Japanese pampas grass in autumn Nara Soni Kogen

From spring to summer, the entire plateau is covered with green grass, while in fall, pampas grass turns the entire hill silver. The top of the plateau gives a panoramic view, and a campsite is open from April to November. A drive of approximately 12km from Mt. Kasatori on the north edge of the plateau to Aoyama Pass is also enjoyable. The Akame 48 waterfalls are in the south of Nabari City which is also located in the Muro Akame Aoyama national park.

Points of Interest at Aoyama Plateau in Murou Akame Aoyama National Park:

    • Ten triangles point of Aoyama Plateau magnificent views
    • Maruyama grassland – ideal for picnic and resting
    • Ancient Forest in Aoyama High Lands
    • Picnic Land – has athletics facilities suitable for children to adults
    • Windmill – Aoyama Plateau also has Japan’s largest windmill: Tens of windmills were built around the top of the plateau, and the biggest wind-power plant in Honshu is situated up there. There are great views from the plant’s observation deck and on a sunny day, you can see Ise Bay, the Chita Peninsula, and Iga Basin.
    • The Aoyama Plateau Wind Farm, located amongst the Aoyama Plateau in the Muroo-Akame-Aoyama Quasi-National Park, Japan, is one of the largest wind farms in Honshu. This area is located between Tsu, Mie and Iga, Mie, It currently hosts 32 turbines of 700 kW each. The site covers 10-5 hectares and produces a maximum of 14 MWe.
    • Drive along the Aoyama plateau – overlooking the windmill and scenery of Ise Bay – 800m above sea level
    • Aoyama Plateau hiking trail – Enjoy the natural hiking trail around Aoyama Plateau
    • Aoyama plateau mountain hut – Resting place for Aoyama Plateau hiking trail

Menard Aoyama Resort

Located in the beautiful Aoyama Plateau, this resort offers lodging and sports facilities including a golf course and tennis courts. It also features aromatherapy sessions for relaxation, which incorporate natural fragrances from flowers, trees, and a lavender and herb garden.

Extending over 3,300,000 square meters, the Menard Aoyama Resort is nestled in the beautiful nature of Muro-Akame-Aoyama Quasi-National Park [Mie prefecture). In addition to 4 comfortable accommodations, the resort offers various activities and services that ensure your time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Take advantage of the finest hot springs spa, a golf course, tennis courts, esthetic treatments, herb garden, learning workshops, and an indoor swimming pool. Menard also has over 1000 types of cosmetics.

Packages for “aoyama” are designed with various wisdom and ideas derived from the history and culture of the AOYAMA area. IGA, located in the AOYAMA area, is famous for “braiding,” and the “aoyama” brand logo shows the process of forming braid. It also represents a symmetrical, deep-rooted flower and resembles a Japanese family crest.

Why don’t you enjoy a relaxing lifestyle amongst comfortable: fragrances with “aoyama” which is friendly for people and the environment. Indulge yourself in 360-degree view of tranquil nature and restore a sense of well-being.

Visitors Contact Information for Aoyama Plateau (Aoyama-Kogen)

Menard Aoyama Resort

2356 Kiryu, Aoyama-town (Aoyama-cho), Iga City (Iga-shi), Mie Prefecture 518-0215, Japan Getting There: Thirty minutes by bus from Kintetsu Iga-kanbe station [Reservation needed]


Tourism Association Aoyama (Aoyama Branch Chamber of Commerce in Iga City)

Address: 570-1 Ayama town (Ayama-cho or Ao), Iga City (Iga-shi), Mie Prefecture 518-0226, Japan

Note: On November 1, 2004 Ayama was merged to become the new city of Iga [Iga City (Iga-shi)].

Aoyama Plateau Health Resort Center (Auto camp)

4 Hakusancho Isemi, Tsu City (Tsu-shi), Mie Prefecture 515-2614, Japan

Aoyama Plateau Wind Farm (Aoyama-Kogen Wind Farm Co.,Ltd)

5-63 Hakatacho, Tsu City (Tsu-shi), Mie Prefecture 514-0053, Japan

Aoyama-Kogen Country Club (Aoyama Plateau Golf Club)

3191 Inabacho, Tsu City (Tsu-shi), Mie Prefecture 514-1252, Japan

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