Mikimoto Pearl Island, Toba city Pearl village and vicinity, Toba City (Toba-shi), Ise-Shima (Shima Peninsula) Area

This island is where Kokichi Mikimoto become the first to succeed in culturing pearls. Home of the world-famous Mikimoto Pearls, this island is where Kokichi Mikimoto developed the world’s first cultured pearls.
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A museum offers many beautiful pearl products, and various exhibits demonstrate the process of making cultured pearls. Visitors can also watch ama, female divers, demonstrate diving for pearls. Here you can enjoy viewing displays of pearls from around the world and shopping for pearl products. Pearl Museum collection include antique jewellery and art works.

Address and Contact:
Mikimoto Pearl Island 1-7-1 Toba City (Toba-shi), Mie prefecture, 517-8511, Japan Direction: Five-minute walk from JR or Kintetsu Toba stations Tel: +81-599-25-2028 Fax: +81-599-26-2139


Toba city Pearl village and vicinity

Ise-Shima is the birthplace of cultured pearls, and there are many shops selling pearl jewelry in and around Toba. These shops offer many fine examples of this region’s distinctive product at reasonable prices. Pearl products are sold on Mikimoto Pearl Island and at various pearl stores in cities, so you can purchase high-quality pearls.
The pearl workshop that is located in the Ago Bay of Ise Shima, which is the origin of the akoya pearl oyster. Here visitors can experience removing akoya pearls from their shells, pearl making, pearl accessory making, and beach barbeques. Visitors can observe the akoya pearl oyster farms, because it has become a workshop. Average time required: 1-2 Hours.

Address and Contact:
Pearl Workshop Pearl Village (Yamamoto Suisan Co., Ltd.) 1125 Shimacho Koshika, Shima, Mie Prefecture, Japan TEL: 0599-85-4793, 0599-85-0515 (pearl village), 080-1557-5837 (mobile) FAX: 0599-85-4793

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Pearl Road Toba Observation Tower

The midpoint of the Pearl Road, with a peak of 162m above sea level. A 360° view spreads out before you. When the weather is good, you can see the Chita Peninsula.
Address and Contact:
Pearl Road Toba Observation Tower Odake, Kuzaki-cho Toba City TEL: 0599-33-6201 FAX: 0599-33-6684