Maruyama Senmaida Paddy Field, Kiwa town (Kiwa-cho), Kumano City (Kumano-shi)

Here, Japan’s lost rural landscape can be seen as it truly was. Over 1300 rice paddies, are terraced into the mountainside, create a beautiful landscape that varies with the seasons. In this region there are numerous small rice paddies, so that it is also called Senmaida (Thousand Paddies).

Address and Contact:

Maruyama Senmaida Paddy Field Promotion Center

255-6 Maruyama, Kiwa town (Kiwa-cho), Kumano City (Kumano-shi), Mie Prefecture 519-5405, Japan Getting There: Thirty minutes by car from JR Kumano-shi station

Tel: 0597-97-0680

Kiwa town (Kiwa-cho) Corporation [Agricultural Goods]

Kumano-city Department of Regional Promotion, Kiwa Branch 78 Itaya, Kiwa town (Kiwa-cho), Kumano City (Kumano-shi), Mie Prefecture 519-5413 TEL: 0597-97-0640 FAX: 0597-97-0641 TEL: 05979-7-1115, 0597-97-1113 [Regional Promotion Dept.] FAX: 05979-7-1003 [Regional Promotion Dept.]

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