Natsuigawa (Natsui River Valley) Gorge Camping Ground for Swan Viewing in Iwaki City

The Natsuigawa Gorge and the Setogaro Cliff are nearby. See how the beautiful colours of the maple trees and akayashio paint the mountain side in reds and oranges and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding area and the two large maple trees that stand in the middle of the ground and change to a brilliant red. As the main entry way into Natsuigawa Valley and Sedogaro Gorge, this camping site attracts many campers from Spring through to Autumn.

Setogaro Cliff and Natsui-gawa Valley consists of fantastically shaped rocks and precipices. The scenery of waterfalls, deep pools, and fast-flowing streams are fascinating. The Natsui-gawa River runs along side of the JR Ban-etsu-tosen Line. The valley extending between Kwamae Station and Ogawa-go Station has especially beautiful scenery to observe. There are also waterfalls, and both sides of the mountain stream are surrounded by forest. This area has the reputation of beautiful fresh green mountain azaleas in summer and leaves of burning colors in autumn.

Natsuigawa Gorge Park

The Natsui River flows from the inner Abukuma Plateau, courses through the city of Iwaki, and pours into the Pacific Ocean. The Natsuigawa Gorge Park encompasses the valley of the river and its tributary, the Eda River. The park features an area called Setogaro, which is noted for its fantastic rock formations.

Natsui-gawa “Fureai” Swan Viewing

The swans that migrate to Iwaki come from the far colder north to enjoy the mild winter here. They make their seasonal homes mostly on the banks of the Natsui River.

The purpose of this gathering is to experience the joys of Mother Nature and appreciate the importance of our environment. The “Fureai Hiroba” square is dotted with illustrated panels allowing visitors to learn about swans. Season generally form Late Oct. ~ early Dec. (9:00 ~ 15:00).

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Iwaki City
  • Parking: Available
  • Contents of the facilities: Water supply, Toilet, Cooking area
  • Number of accommodation: 100 people capacity.
  • Admission fee: Free
  • The swans can be spotted in places like Ogawa-machi, Numabe-machi and areas of Hirakubo. Swans can also occasionally be seen at various other places around town including Shiramizu Amidado.

    • Ogawa-machi (Ogawa town) kamiogawa, Iwaki-shi (Iwaki City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 979-0202 Japan [Latitude: 37.151203, Longitude: 140.849117]
    • Numabe-machi (Numabe town), Iwaki-shi (Iwaki City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 979-0202 Japan [Latitude: 36.918619, Longitude: 140.747269]
    • Tairanaka-hirakubo, Iwaki-shi (Iwaki City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 979-0202 Japan [Latitude: 37.087807, Longitude: 140.876829]
  • Utilizable season: Always
  • 3 minute walk from JR Banetsu East Line Eda Station. Banetsu Expressway Iwaki-Miwa IC. The Swans’ Meeting Place is in Hirakubo, about 5km from the Iwaki Chuo Interchange(approx. 10 minutes by car). Natsuigawa Valley and Sedogaro Gorge, this camping site is located in front of the JR Banetsu East Line Eda Station. Hirakubo also can be accessed by 15 min. by bus from Iwaki Sta. on JR Joban Line; or 15 min. drive after exiting Iwaki-chuo I.C. on Joban Expressway.

  • Hosodamachi 1-1, Tairanakahirakubo, Iwaki-shi (Iwaki City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 970-8008 Japan [Latitude: 37.085420000000006, Longitude: 140.87678990000001] Tel: +81(246)23-9483


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