Things To Do in Takine-machi (Takine Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City)

  • Beautiful creation of nature built in 80 million years. In the cave of total length of approximately 600m, you can find an ever-changing mysterious world with large stalactites hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites piled up like bamboo shoots. The greatest attraction in the cave is “Takine Palace” where you can find precious stalactites such as crystal curtain, box seat, shield, cave coral etc. which can be found only in this cave. In addition, the spectators are never failed to be charmed with a series of mystery of the nature, including the Ryugu palace, the world in the moon, silver frost, Christmas tree and petrified forest.

    “Abukuma no tennen-sui” is very excellent water which contains good balance of mineral ingredients and has a special feature of mild taste.

    Abukuma Cave Lavender Festival

    About 50000 of lavenders are in full bloom in the ground ol Abukuma Caver and lavender experience classes (potpourri, etc.) are being held. Limited edition lavender soft ice cream is also sold.

    Abukuma Cave Autumn Festival

    At Abukuma Cave as a center of the site, events including fair stalls corner, popular song show, and game tournament is held in September.

    Contact – Abukuma Cave Office Tel: 0247-78-21 25 Fax: 0247-78-2127

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Sendai Hira which is specified as national recreation areas has a typical karst topography and is located at the midst of Mount Ohtakine, which is the highest mountain in the center of Abukuma Highland.

Sendai Hira is the best point to fully enjoy the nature by hiking in spring, camping in summer and outfield cooking party in autumn. See: Sendaihira Camping Ground

Irimizu Cave

In this calcareous cave of 900 meters in length which is specified as the national natural monument, you can enjoy full fledged caving by crossing rivers in the cave or crawling through the narrow spaces between stalactites with a flash light.

Hoshi no Mura – Astronomical Observatory Dome

You can watch the most beautiful night sky in the Abukuma mountain range in Fukushima Prefecture which is already known for its beautiful sky using the largest reflector astronomical telescope in Tohoku region. In the Planetarium hall, which is adjacent to the astronomical observatory dome, you can enjoy the projection of the original program.

Hoshi no mura Fureai Hall

“Hoshi no mura Fureai Hall” has large bathrooms, and study rooms. This wooden accommodation facility can be used for a variety of purposes. Location: Sugaya Baba 168, Kanmata, Takinemachi (Takine Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-3601 Japan [Latitude: 37.354976999999998, Longitude: 140.66128899999998] TEL.: 0247-78-3100 FAX: 0247-78-3010

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Hoshi no mura Meeting Hall

“Hoshi no mura Meeting Hall” is a multi-purpose facility for conferences, seminars and stay used by town people and sightseeing visitors. Location: Sugaya Higashikamayama 1, Takinemachi (Takine Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-3601 Japan [Latitude: 37.35337508231001, Longitude: 140.66328048706055] TEL.: 0247-78-2125 FAX: 0247-78-2127

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TAKINE Romankan Hall

This conference/study facility is adjacent to the astronomical observatory and has conference rooms, study rooms, lounge, office and lobby. Location: Kanmata Nukatsuka 60-1, Takinemachi (Takine Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-3602 Japan [Latitude: 37.341839999999998, Longitude: 140.67595499999999] Tel.: 0247-78-3638 Fax: 0247-78-3658

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Lavender Garden

The lavender garden spreads over the slope in Abukuma Cave area with 50.000 stocks of flowers and a pathway is provided for walking through the garden.

Hariyu Onsen (Hot Springs Spa)

This mineral spring is widely known for its excellent medicinal effects for external wounds. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Mt. Otakine while soaking in the bath. More Details: Hariyu Onsen (Hot Springs Spa)

Nature experience corner under the stars in the sky.

Abukuma Cave Takine area/Sendai-Hira camping field Azalea of Takashiba Mountain
Miyakoji area /Green park auto camping field
Tokiwa area /Mushi-Mushi Land bungalow

Spectacular View Course:

Abukuma Cave Irimizu Cave Azarea of Takashiba mountain Children’s kingdom, Mushi-Mushi Land Gyojigataki waterfall Katasone mountain Funehiki miharu I.C.
You can fully enjoy the view of spectacular mountains and calcareous caves and the nature of “Tamura City”.

Dating Course:

Abukuma Cave Irimizu Cave Children’s kingdom, Mushi-Mushi Land Gyojigataki waterfall Ohkaburaya Fureai-park Funehiki miharu I.C.
You can have a memorable experience at one of the date courses selected by Tamura City.

Address and Contact

Takine Department of Administration Industrial Section Location: Sekiba 118, Kanmata, Takinemachi (Takine Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-3692 Japan [Latitude: 37.321583, Longitude: 140.657333] TEL: 0247-78-1207 Takinemachi (Takine Town) Official Website:

Note: On March 1, 2005 Takine was merged with the towns of Funehiki, Ōgoe, and Tokiwa, and the village of Miyakoji, all from Tamura District, to form the new city of Tamura.