Ishigaki Coral Reefs in Ishigaki Island, Yaeyama Islands

It is the department of Hama coral, and has various colors such as yellow or brown or green or blue, and it is the colony branch coral and it grows up to be the huge hemispherical colony, which exceeds the diameter of 2m. The section of a branch is circular and as for a tip, some are thin thing and some not thin. It is often seen in the reef or surface of the reef and this coral may occupy a big area. Because Onihitode (The enemy of coral) is not fond of it, it can look even in what coral reef.

Ridged castle coral

Ridged castle coral is in the family of castle coral, and it has the board-like projection adhere in all directions, and it makes a colony in the shape of a lattice. The bodily color is brown, the base of a colony coveres the base rock firmly, is dome-like form on the whole. The pond of the reef of quiet waves, and an inner bay, comparatively the strong place of muddiness is inhabited.

Norikomon coral

Norikomon coral is in the family of Midoriishi and the colony is has various shapes such as the base rock covering or a lump-like thing or a pillar-shaped thing etc. The bodily color is has also various colors as the brown and yellowish brown, and dark brown. The early growing coral becomes a light color on the circumference part. The surface is unevens and feels rough. The pond of the reef or the slope of the reef in shoal is inhabited.

Brain coral

Brain coral is the colony of hemisphere form of the family of Kikumeishi and by Meandroid type with a zigzag line in the long valley. A cylindrical polyp bodily color is brown or green. On the whole, surface of the colony consists extend only at night, its feeler may kill other coral by elongation. The shoal of a reef pond, or base rock, or surface of the reef slope in a place of quiet waves is inhabited.

Edakomon coral

Edakomon coral is a colony of branch coral and is has a hemisphere form of brown or dark brown color. Although the small-sized coral is short and thick, large-sized coral branches and becomes a colony of other branch coral. The surface is smooth and the color at the tip of a branch is a light color. Large-sized coral is also the hiding place of White saddled reef fish. The pond of a quiet coral reef and shoal are inhabited.

Blue Coral

It belongs to the department of blue coral, and the form of a colony is the hemisphere, and it consists of the various shaped branches, such as the branch type, or the leaf type, or the board type, or the pillar shape. And it forms huge colony by itself or composite. On the edge of reef, there are many colonies, which are small and low. The frame color is vivid blue, and tip of a branch is lighter color. The feeler is feather-like and white color and a polyp does not usually extend in daytime. The point of yellow, which is visible to the surface, is a place out of which a polyp comes. Quiet inner bay of a wave is inhabited.