Kawauchi Town (Kawauchi-machi) of Mutsu City (Mutsu-shi)

Kawauchi River runs right through the interior of the Shimokita Peninsula. Kawauchi River Valley is located in Kawauchi, Mutsu-City. Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus), pot-billed Duck are seen in Kawauchi fishing Harbor.

The valley takes on a different beauty with each season, especially in spring and fall it is so beautiful with bright colors of fresh green leaves and autumn foliage reflected in the river. There are 3 bridges across the river called Ajisai Bridge, Sekirei Bridge and Asunaro Bridge, and a 4.4 km of walking trail is paved.

Located in southern Shimokita Peninsula facing Mutsu Bay, the town of Kawauchi had an economy based on commercial fishing (scallops and sea cucumber), forestry and agriculture (rice, tobacco).

On March 14, 2005 Kawauchi Town (Kawauchi-machi) was merged into the neighboring city of Mutsu, along with the neighboring town of Ohata Village (Ohata-machi) and village of Wakinozawa. See: Points of Interest around Shimokita Peninsula of Mutsu City


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