A Brief History of Mutsu City


The city of Mutsu was formed on September 1,1959, with the amalgamation of the two towns of Tanabu and Ominato, becoming one of the eight largest cities in Aomori. It was originally decided to name the city was given the rather cumbersome name of “Ominato-Tanabu City.

The name of the new city was also taken from the two former towns, and thus the city was originally christened with the rather cumbersome name of “Ominato-Tanabu City.” However, in 1960 the city was renamed “Mutsu” becoming the first city in Japan to write its name in the phonetic script as opposed to Chinese characters.

Located on the northernmost point of the main island of the Honshu, Mutsu is tirelessly continuing to push foward to the twenty-first century, as the hub of the Shimokita Peninsula as well as a city of central importance in the advancement of marine science and technology.

Surrounded by the sea and the natural beauty of the Shimokita Peninsula, mutsu is a city that enjoys the best of both modern industrial progress and a green, spacious natural environment.
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