Mt. Kamafuse (Kamafuseyama) Observatory of Mutsu City

The lookout point trom 785 meters(2,575 feet) on Mt.Kamafuse provides the visitor with a stunning, panoramic view: spread out below the mountain facing Ominato Bay is the city of Mutsu, and streching as far as one can see is the scenic coastline. To the north across the blue expanse of sea, the northern island of Hokkaido is visible. Looking north, one cannot help but be moved by the thought of the early pioneers who, with a dream of the northern frontier, crossed the Tsugaru Strait to begin a new life in Hokkaido. Turning to the south and to the west, respectively, Mt.Hakkoda and Iwaki can be seen in the hazy distance. On a clear day, however, the mountains appear unexpectedly close.

The observatory is a perfect place to start one’s exploration of nature on the HImokita Peninsula. A new road to the observation point will open in 1999.

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