Sai village in Shimokita Peninsula

Sai occupies the western coastline of Shimokita Peninsula, facing the inlet to Mutsu Bay from the Tsugaru Strait. The village has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall.

The 2 kilometer long Hotokegaura Coastline, near the village of Sai, along with Mt.Osore, is Shimokita’s most famous tourist attraction. The towering cliffs, which appear like Buddhas soaring up toward the heavens, are a stunning and unusual natural formation that graces the western coast of the peninsula. Many are as tall as 100 meters and have been shaped by rain, wind, and surf errosion. “Hotokegaura” can be taken to mean “the beach where the Budhas reside.”

Close to the magnificent coastline of Hotokegaura, Gankake Park has a view of both Aomori’s Tsugaru Peninsula and Hokkaido’s Oshima Peninsula. Evening brings a fabulous sunset, which is followed at night by the twinkling lights of fishing boats on the surrounding salty waters. On the coast of Sai, also there are many places of osprey nesting.


otokegaura naturally carved rock in the Sai village of Shimokita Peninsula Coastline


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Sai village (Sai-mura) Ferry service


High-speed passenger Ship (Sii Line)
Travel From: Aomori – Wakinosawa – Ushitaki – Fukuura – Sai
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The best season of sea urchin around Sai-Village is from June to August. Sai-light cruise ship is operating from the Sai Port, which takes you to Hotokegaura. Only the passengers of this ship are applied to the “Open and Eat Sea Urchin” optional hands-on from May 1 to July 31.

Sea Urchin Restaurants: Tel. 0175-38-4212, 0175-38-5865, 0175-38-5825
Sai village fishing cooperative processing plants: tel :0175-38-2285 Gankake-iwa [Wishing Rocks]


Gankake Cabin House & Campsite


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Yanonemori Hachimangu Festival



Tsugaru Strait cultural center – Arusas [Tourist Information Center and Souvenir Shop]


Tsugaru Strait cultural center – Arusas in the area of Sai Port acts as the center of Sai village tourism Information. In addition, a variety of unusual souvenir, handmade mart, crafts, fish and shellfish from the sea such as sea urchin, Aomori Hiba etc will be found. Tel: 0175-38-4513, 0175-38-2246, 0175-38-2244, 0175-38-2661, 0175-38-5819. Arusas Museum Store of Tsugaru Strait website:

Strait Myuujiamu on the 2nd floor of Arusas Tsugaru Strait


Tel: 0175-38-4506 Forest park


Tel: 0175-38-2929 Hachimangu forest root


Tel: 0175-38-2313 Literery Monument of Norumi Yokichi


Kibori juichimen Kannonritsuzo [Wooden Goddes of mercy with eleven faces]


Kabuki-no-yakata (Museum of Fukuura Kabuki)



Tel: 0175-38-5826 Joshinji Temple in Joshinji Mountain


Tel: 0175-38-2881 Teramoto Temple


Tel: 0175-38-4194 (3 minutes by car from the Arthus) Fukuura of Sai village traditional fishing culture


Fukuura of Sai village’s traditional fishing culture remains more than 100 years. Fukuura district has been selected as the 100 villages in Japan. Tel: 0175-38-2111, 0175-38-5111,

Chofukuji Rock Temple


Sai food


Sai Village Local Products


Sai village (Sai-mura) Association of Sightseeing Offer Landscape, Gourmet, Souvenir, Hotels and Guest House, Events, Exhibition and other related Sai village Travel Information. Sai village (Sai-mura) Association of Sightseeing : Tel: 0175-38-4515

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Sai Village Tourism Office Nukamori-20, Sai village (Sai-mura), Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture 039-4711, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.429704000000001,140.85913299999999] TEL: 0175-38-2111 FAX: 0175-38-2492

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