Kazamaura village Shimokita Peninsula

Kazamaura village (Kazamaura-mura) is located in Shimokita District on the northern shore of Shimokita Peninsula. Most of the village is part of the Osoreyama Mountain Range, resulting in little flat land and much of the village is within the borders of the Shimokita Hanto Quasi-National Park. Enjoy Japanese traditional events such as Mamemaki, Mochitsuki, and making kite trains.

The city of Mutsu is located in the heart of Shimokita Peninsula, the northern region of Aomori Prefecture. Bordered on the east by the village of Higashidori, on the west by the town of Kawauchi, to the north by the town of Ohata, and to the south by the Yokohama town (Yokohama-machi), Mutsu has come to stand as a city vital importance for Shimokita Peninsula.


Points of Interest at Kazamaura village (Kazamaura-mura) in Shimokita Peninsula adjacent to Mutsu City (Mutsu-shi):

Kazamaura Fishing Fire
Ikasama Race (Cuttlefish Race)
Tel: 0175-36-2112
Literary Monument of Inoue Yasushi
Kazamaura memorial road
Shimofuro Onsenkyo (Shimofuro Spa Resort)
Tel: 0175-36-2824, 0175-36-2860, 0175-35-2112
Yukai village Angler fish Festival
Tel: 0175-35-2010
Kazamaura Woodworking
Tel: 0175-35-2147
Kuwahata Spa – “Yun-yun”
kuwahata_spa_-_yun-yun yun-yun_resort_special_menu_-_funori_soba
Tel: 0175-32-6045
Polaris in the Yukai village
Tel: 0175-35-2010
Komamine Super shop and refresh center
komamine_super_shop_and_refresh_center komamine_special_products
Banya strait market,
Tel: 0175-35-2865, Fax: 0175-32-6600, Website: http://komamine.co.jp/
Kazamaura Transport (Public Bus and Taxi)
Tel: 0120-40-2213, 0120-14-3433, 0175-34-3341
Kazamaura village (Kazamaura-mura) Government Office
Address: Okawame-28-5 Ikokuma, Kazamaura, Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture 039-4502, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.487580000000001,140.99572499999999]
Tel: 0175-35-2111
Tel: 0175-35-2210 (Central Community Center, Kazamaura village)
Fax: 0175-35-2403
Kazamaura Official Website: http://www.kazamaura.jp/
Kazamaura Chamber of Commerce
Address: Okawame-118 Ikokuma, Kazamaura village (Kazamaura-mura), Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture 039-4502, Japan
Tel: 0175-35-2010
Fax: 0175-35-2119
E-mail: kaz…@sweet.ocn.ne.jp
Website: http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~kazama/top.html
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