Kume Island (Kume-jima) of Yaeyama Islands


Kume Island (Kume-jima) is an island, part of the Okinawa Islands and administratively in the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It has an area of 59.11 km². The main town, Kumejima, has a population of 8,713 (2010).

Once a day a ferry and a jet-foil boat leave Naha for Kume Island, taking four hours for the ferry and one hour 45 minutes for the boat. The 2km long Eefu beach next to the Nakasato village is the most visited place. Very interestingly, pentagon shaped rocks (tatamiishi) one to two meters across can be found on an adjacent small island, Okubu which is connected with Kume by a bridge. Kume Island is also well known for Kumesen, a locally made Awamori.

Kume island remains relatively unspoilt by major developments after the war with abundant nature and beautiful beaches. A must-see for visitors to Kume island are the “turtle shell rocks” (tatami ishi) located on the south coast of Nishi-Ou island. These rocks emerge at low tide and look like pentagonal and hexagonal turtle shells. They are also being designated as a natural tangible asset by Okinawa Prefecture.

Kume Island (Kume-jima) Scenery:


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