Iriomote Hot spring in Iriomote Island of Yaeyama Islands

In the middle of the subtropical forest surrounded by “Hego” trees is Japan’s southern most hot spring, “Iriomote Onsen” and indoor and outdoor bath, sauna, and pool, are provided. It is complete with such facilities as the “Observation Bath”, the “Rock Bath”, and the “Jacuzzi Pool”. The observation bath under the moonlight is spectacular. The only hot water spring bath in all of Okinawa. The southernmost onsen in all of Japan features indoor baths, outdoor baths, steam saunas, and large outdoor common areas.

When using it, you should put on swimwear except the indoor bath. You can appreciate the beauty of tropical plants from the outdoor bath. A hot spring has an effect on arteriosclerosis, burns and other an injurys, dermatitis,etc. Moreover, the water of the hot spring it is also possible to drink, and there is an effect on gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder, diabetes, ventilation, overweight, etc.
Swimming suits are not used inside but, they are required if you are going to use the outside common areas. Admission is 1500 yen and the onsen is open from 12am until 10pm daily.