Iriomote wildcat (Mayailurus Iriomotensis) in Iriomote Island of Yaeyama Islands

Iriomote wildcat inhabits Yaeyama Islands all over the world with the new species of the department of a cat only on the Iriomote-jima Island. Bodily hair is dark brown, the weight is 4.5kg, and the length of a trunk is about 50cm, the length of a tail amounts to 30cm from 25cm, somewhat larger than an ordinary cat. The number of habitations is approximately less than 100, and it tends to work at the time of dawn or twilight. It is excellent in tree climbing, swimming. Although birds are mainly liked and eaten, various things, such as the mammals, insect and amphibians, the crustacean, shellfish, fish, and the department of rice, are eaten.