Chitose Green Tourism – Tourist farms and ranches of Chitose City

To the east of Chitose lies a comparatively large farming community. With many tourist farms and ranches in the area visitors can go horse riding, try their hand at milking or Kelp bring in the harvest.

Dairy Farm Experience – Learn from the animals

Choose from a wide selection of activities that include milking, bottle-feeding calves and horse and ‘cow’ riding. The expressions on kid goats’ faces can be a Refreshing sight and the animals’ lifestyles can teach us valuable lessons. You can also try making ice cream and butter from milk that you have milked yourself.

Ice cream & soft cream – The taste of local produce

With milk direct from the local dairy farm and particular attention being paid to freshness and taste, Hokkaido’s soft cream is absolutely delicious! We also sell Ice cream made from seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Farm stay – Nothing like a hard days work!

Whether weeding the fields or dividing up the harvest, a farm stay lets you experience the lifestyle and work of the dairy and agricultural farmers. Enjoy the magnificent Hokkaido countryside to the full as you learn about the. Particular care that farmers and agricultural workers out into the cultivation or safe and delicious produce.

Harvest Experience – Straight from the ground; a blessing of earth and sun!

Scattered within the city limits are farms that offer a variety of harvest related experiences. Activities differ according to the season and the bountiful harvest includes famed Hokkaido produce such as asparagus, strawberries, haskap, potatoes and sweet corn.

Wreath making – For the artist in you – floral wreath making

Hanakobo Aya is a well-known shop specializing in dried flowers. Its homegrown flowers are picked when they are at their most beautiful and left to dry naturally. Choose from our wide selection of flowers and make your own original wreath.

Soba making – Can you get the knack of soba making? Give it a try!

Visit lwamoto Farm and, using homegrown buckwheat flour, step up to the challenge of soba making. The dough must be cut into even strips – it’s harder than it looks!

Sausage making – Original sausages made with the freshest meat

Hokkaido Hakone Farm offers visitors the chance I to make their own sausages. Packing the fresh meat into delicate skins one-by-one can be extremely challenging.

Butter making – The great taste of real butter! Exceedingly popular.

Hokkaido Hakone Farm also lets visitors try their hand at butter making using fresh creamy milk. Not only does it taste delicious, it’s kind to your body.

Sasaki Farm   449 Kitashinano,Chitose City (Chitose-shi)  Tel: 0123-23-9421
Hiraoka Farm   99-5 Osatsu, Chitose City (Chitose-shi)  Tel: 0123-22-5303
Hanamasa   167-3 Osatsu, Chitose City (Chitose-shi)  Tel: 0123-23-0988
Ogawa Farm   296-1 Neshikoshi,Chitose City (Chitose-shi)  Tel: 0123-26-4874  
Matsuura Farm   2478 Chuo, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2624
Minami Farm 539-7 Chuo, Chitose City (Chitose-shi)      Tel: 0123-29-2165  
Fureai Farm Izumi  707-1 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2177
Doi Farm    382-7 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi)  Tel: 0123-29-2419  
Muranaka Farm   121-21 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2522  
Dried Flowers Hanakobo Aya 201-19 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2087
Iwamoto Farm 552 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2539
Yoshikawa Farm 846-50 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2608
Kacha Ice Cream Factory 479 Izumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-29-2888
Gaia Farm 1914 Kyowa,Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-21-2411
Hokkaido Hakone Farm 1201 Higashioka, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-21 -3066
Kokko Corporation 2222 Komasato,Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-27-4402
Taiken Farm Mugiwara Boshi 265-23 Komasato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-22-5426
Shunsai-no-yakata Salmon Park Chitose Road Station, 2 Hanazono, Chitose – shi Tel: 0123-27-0566
Osatsu Frontier Farm 274-1 Miyako, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-22-2235
Brubizon Erubu-no-mori Restaurant Ensemble 553-9 lzumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-20-2430
Cafe Harmony 553-9 lzumisato, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-20-2430
Komasobatei 1-5-2 Kashiwadaiminami, Chitose City (Chitose-shi)  Tel: 0123-40-8816
Ko-ma-no-sato 1-5-2 Kashiwadaiminami, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-27-4402