Nagano City Museum, Chausu Yama Park, Zoo & Botanical Gardens


Nagano City Museum was established in Showa Year 56 in Hachimanpara (Hachimanbara) Shiseki Park. There are various exhibits on such themes as the History of the Nagano Basin, Zenkoji Temple and its faith, and the medieval Battle of Kawanakajima. You can see the Nagano basin’s history and life in the permanent exhibition. Thus you can grasp the meaning of both nature and cultural science.

Please use this to develop the future, and think about life from present to past. They also opened a natural history branch of the museum (Chausu Yama Natural History Museum) in September of Showa Year 60.

Chausu Yama Natural History Museum

It has been 46 million years since the Earth was born. In this time, many animal and plant species have come and gone.

Here in Chausu Yama Natural History Museum, excavated fossils and specimens are on display. We can also trace various events and the history of nature that occurred on Earth.

Museum Hours: 9:00am – 4:30pm (you must enter before 4:00pm), Holidays: Every Monday, national holidays, end of the year holidays, the 2nd week of July(Monday to Friday).


Projection Days: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, weekdays of Summer Holidays, Winter Holidays and Spring Holidays. Projection Times: 11:00am, 12:30am, 2:00pm, 3:30pm (No projection at 11:00am on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday and normal days)

Capacity: 91 people

Contact – Nagano City Museum and Chausu Yama Natural History Museum Address: Hachimanpara (Hachimanbara) Shiseki Park, 1414 Oshimada-machi, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 381-2212, Japan Tel: 026-284-9011 Fax: 026-284-9012 Tel & Fax: 026-292-7622 (Chausu Yama Natural History Museum)


Chausu Yama Park

This park was established in commemoration of Nagano City’s 80 year anniversary of being incorporated as a city. It is possible to tell when the Zenkoji earthquake hit here by looking at geological traces.

There is a natural botanical garden, a dinosaur park, and a zoo. There is also a Natural history Museum that is a branch of the Nagano City Museum.

Nagano Chausu Yama Zoo

There are 30kinds of mam-mals (226 specimens), 20kinds of birds (103 specimens), 13kinds of Reptile (37 specimens). Area of the zoo is about 15 hectares.

In AFRICAN PLAIN section, the grass-eating animals which are from the African savanna, such as giraffes, zebras and white orix are living here together. You can enjoy observing their individual habits and natures. Here you will see Greater Flamingo, Grant’s Zebra, Sika Deer, Lion, Scimitar Oryx, Common Chimpanzee, Tiger, Reticulated Giraffe, Ciconia ciconia ciconia, Central American Spider-Monkey, Orang-Utan, Red-crowned crane, Cygnus Olor, Japanese Serow, Common wombat, Japanese Black Bear, Japanese Macaque, Donkey, Native Birds, Pony Kiso Uma, etc.

In Children’s Zoo section, you can touch and hold the cute animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, miniature pigs, etc. Have a good time with them. Here you will see Chinese goose, Rabbit, Sheep, Japanese Bantam, Guinea Pig, Patagonia Cavy, Duck, Goat, African porcupine, Tortoise house, Alligator snapping turtle, Leopard tortoise, Aldabra giant tortoise, Common snapping turtle, African spurred tortoise, Central asian tortoise, Japanese pond turtle, Ptarmigan house, Red or Common Fox, Svalbard Ptarmigan, Masked Palmcivet, Flying Cage, Common Raccoon, Asiatic Elephant, Lesser Panda Woods, Raccoon Dog, etc.

There is also botanical garden, picnic square that has a fine view of Zenkoji-daira, Sugadaira-Heights, Shiga-Heights and other surrounding areas. You can enjoy a picnic on the grass.

Chausu Yama Botanical Gardens (Dinosaur Park)

There are 25,000 trees in the Botanical Garden, and there is also a long tunnel made from a Wisteria trellis, an herb garden, adventure facilities, and 23 giant dinosaurs (the first in Japan).

Chausu Yama Park and Zoo 570-1 Shinonoiutabi, Nagano City (Nagano-shi), Nagano Prefecture 388-8016, Japan Open Hours Spring and summer: 9:30am – 4:30pm (March 16 – Oct 15) Fall and winter: 10:00am – 4:00pm (Oct 16 – March 15) Holidays: Every Monday (If Monday is a National Holiday, the next day will be closed), Dec 29 – Jan 3. Tel: +81 26-293-5167 Fax: +81 26-293-5197


Chausuyama Dinosaur Park 2360 Shinonoiokada, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 381-2225, Japan Tel: 026-224-5054


Hachimanbara Shiseki Park (Kawanakajima Battlefield)

General Shingen Takeda of Kai, which is the former name of Yamanashi prefecture , and general Kenshin Uesugi of Echigo, which is the former name of Niigata prefecture , are the symbolic millitary commanders of the civil war era.

They had five epic battles in Kawanakajima to secure the supremacy of the northern territory of Shinano, which is the former name of Nagano prefecture.

This ancient battleground is now a historic site which has been retained as parkland. It is adjacent to Nagano City Museum exhibit artifacts and materials used in the battles of Kawanakajima (Kawanakajima no tatakai). Also features a planetarium.

The municipal museum next to the park shows the history from ancient times of this area, Zenkoji plain.

The museum run by Nagano city introduces the history of Zenkoji Plain and has a planetarium
This museum located in the historic site park has a large number of exhibitions concerned with the nature, climate, history and folkways in Zenkoji plain. Visitors enjoy the planetarium imagining far space story.

Tenkyuji temple —Shingen’s brother’s Family temple

Tenkyuji temple located beside Matsushiro Ohashi bridge is the family temple of Nobushige, Shingen’s brother. There is a huge sculpture of the King of Hell located in the main hall. It is 5 meters in height and it was built to hold mass for the war dead. His red face with wide opened eyes looks somehow humorous and friendly.

tenkyuji_temple_beside_matsushiro_ohashi_bridge sculpture_of_the_king_of_hell_inside_tenkyuji_temple
Tenkyuji Temple 1000 Shinonoi-Kinebuchi, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 388-8019, Japan Hour: 8:30~17:00 Tel: 026-292-3335 Fax: 026-292-3335


Hachimanbara Shiseki Park (Kawanakajima Battlefield)

1384 Oshimada-machi, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 381-2212, Japan Tel: 026-224-5054


Omine Castle and Butterfly Museum

Omine Castle and Butterfly Museum in Kawanakajima

1,300 kinds of butterflies are exhibited here. Address: 1612 Hakoshimizu, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 380-0801, Japan Tel: 026-232-8497 Hours: 9:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m, Closed Dec.1-Mar.31 Public Transportation: Approximately 25 minutes ride via Bird Line from Nagano Bus Terminal and get down at the bus stop of “arayasu”. 20 mins walk.


Public Transport:

By Bus

Nagano Dentetsu: Approximately 15 minutes ride from Nagano Station and get down at the stop of “Doubutsuen” (Zoo)
Kawanakajima: Approximately 20 minutes ride from Nagano Station and get down at the stop of “Koen Mae” (in front of the park)


Approximately 10 minutes ride from Nagano Station