The 5 Mountain Peaks in Nasu

Mt. Chausu-dake

Chausu-dake, the highest mountain, is an active volcano and at a height of 1915 m above sea level, fumes white smoke. This is a popular hiking trail, where holidaymakers and their families can climb as far up as the 8th stage of the mountain by ropeway.

Mt. Minami-gassan

Minami-gassan is a mountain ridge with a gentle slope stretching on the western side of Mt. Chausu-dake. From here, one can have a panoramic view of Ubagadaira plains. In addition, Minezakura cherry trees spread in the gardens of flowers at the top of the mountain.


Mt. Kurooya-dake

This mountain is the southern most of the 5 Peaks in Nasu. The height of the mountain is 1589 m above sea level, which makes it the lowest of the five. The beautiful scenery at the foot that comprises the Nasunogahara plains can be enjoyed from here.

Mt. Asahi-dake

Mt. Asahi-dake is sharply shaped like the edge of a sword and is similar in appearance to the Hotaka mountain ranges of the Japanese Northern Alps. As a result, it is also known as the Hotaka of Nasu. The beautiful view from the mountain’s peak at a height of 1896 m above sea level, with its strange rocks and bizarre stones, is bound to marvel visitors.

Mt. Sanbonyari-dake

In feudal times, Mt. Sanbonyari-dake used be the borderline for three clans, namely, the Ashino, Kurobane and Aizu clans. The clans’ vassals placed spears on the top of this mountain to determine the boundaries of each area. Thus the mountain was named Sanbonyari-dake, which means the three spears mountain. Hikers can enjoy alpine floras in the fields at a height of 1916.9 m above sea level.