Nagano Athletic Park And Aqua Wing Ice Hockey Arena in Nagano City


This park was established for the citizens so that they can enjoy sports and other types of recreation in a natural woodsy setting.

Inside the park there is a track and field facility, baseball field, pool, tennis courts, gymnasium and so on.

This huge park is also used by people who like jogging, taking morning or evening walks, or just visiting and taking a rest.

Main Facilities

General Gymnasium – Main Gymnasium (Main Arena)

There are 2 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts, 12 badminton courts, 24 ping pong tables, 2 soft tennis courts, special gymnastic apparatus, and 9 private table tennis courts. There are also 2 3rd floor meeting rooms that hold 1,200 seated people, 500 people in the gallery, and 24 wheel chairs.

Spare Gymnasium (Sub Arena, Judo, Kendo)

1F: Kendo and Judo. 2F: Sub arena, a basketball court, 2 volleyball courts, 6 badminton courts, 12 table tennis courts, gymanstics apparatus, etc.

Main Event Fields – Track & Field

Track & Field: 400m track/9 courses/all weather pavement, 3,000m hurdle race (outside of Suigou track), running broad jump and triple jump: have 6 courses/ high jump: 2 courses/Pole vault: 10 courses/Shot put: 4 courses/Hammer, Discus and Javelin throw: 2 courses each.
The track is made of all weather surface, and there is 1 soccer field.

Main Stands

Capacity: 5,200 people. 1F: Training rooms and locker rooms. 2F: Meeting room and promenade.

3F: Stands, the radio tower, and the photo finish tower.

Grass Stands
Capacity is 12,000 with 150 wheelchair seats.

Spare Track & Field Grounds – Track & Field

300m lap/6courses/cinder path track Practice track & straight course: 3 courses on all weather pavement Curved course: 1 course on all weather pavement

Triple jump, broad jump, high jump, and pole vault each have 1 place, and there are 2 shot put areas.

Athletic Grounds

Closed until after the Nagano Olympics Track and field throwing events (discus and hammer) Outside events (kid’s baseball, softball, and soccer)

Nighttime lighting

Baseball Field

Ground: left and right field – 90m, center field – 120m)
Stands: 10,000 capacity infield, 10,000 capacity outfield Nighttime lighting

Tennis Courts

10 artificial courts with sand, all courts have lights.

Citizen Pool (Aqua Wing Ice Hockey Arena)

1998 Nagano Olympic Ice Hockey B site, Para-Olympics site. After the Olympics are over, the pool have made a retractable roof. After the games, Aqua Wing will be used as an indoor swimming center, with 50 meter lap and 25 meter swimming pools, and a diving pool for the enjoyment and health of the citizens.

The 50 meter pool has an elevating bottom so the facility can be used for international swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming events. The roof is retractable which not only allows for a view outside, but lowers the facility’s operating expenses. Toshiouike (kid’s pool) is closed until after the Olympics.
Specifications of Aqua Wing Ice Hockey Arena Building area: approx. 10,100‡u Total floor area: approx. 13,500‡u Maximum height: approx. 31m Spectator seats: approx. 2000seats

Spectator capacity: approx. 6,000(during the Olympics)

Also there are Japanese Archery and Sumo Ground

Address and Contact:
Nagano Sports Park Playground (Nagano Aqua Wing) Address: 5-1-19 Yoshida, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 381-0043, Japan Tel: 026-244-7555(management office), 026-244-3290(Gymnasium), 026-244-7555(Pool/ Aqua Wing), 026-244-0111(Athletics stadium), 026-241-4200(Tennis Court Higashiwada), 026-244-0117(Baseball Stadium), 026-244-8667 (Tennis Court Nishiwada). Fax: 026-244-7156