Nagano City Four Seasons Festival Event and Flower Calender

There are various kinds of festivals such as traditional performances succeeded for a long time and modern festivals for all residents in Nagano City.

Nagano City Events Schedule

Zenkoji Obinzuru mawashi (Festival of St.Binzuru)

January 6th

This festival is held at Hondo, the main hall in Zenkoji temple in the evening. Visitors tap the worn figure of Binzuru with a ladle they received in the festival and hope their own aches and pains will be alleviated.

Zenkoji Temple

Nagano Setsubun ceremony (Service to expel Demons)

February 3rd
A bean-throwing ceremony is held by all the priests of Zenkoji temple. Also participating will be some famous people who were born in a year with the same sign of Eto.

Zenkoji Temple

Iizuna Kogen Winter Festival

The fourth Saturday and Sunday of February
Various events and free ski school, half-price lift ticket,s and so forth.

Iizuna Kogen

Kirihara Warakoma (straw horse)

March 8th
Kirihara used to be a famous and historical pasture area which was owned by the Imperial Court. Many fine horses were offered to the Imperial Court. People offer the Warakoma which is the shape of fine horse with some steamed red beans rice and money. This is offered to the Kiriharamaki Shrine in the festival.

Kiriharamaki Shrine

Dinosaur festival

May 5th
Some events are held such as a kid’s sumo wrestling tournament and a roaring contest.

Mt.Chausu Dinosaur park

Hana Matsuri (Buddha’s birthday festival)

May 5th
People celebrate Buddha’s birthday with some events. Children wearing their Sunday best visit the temple to pray for their long life and future happiness (It is called Chigogyoretsu.).

Zenkoji Temple

Nagano city residents’ health festival

The third Sunday of May
Various sports events such as athletics for the residents.

Around Nagano athletic park

Nagano Tanabata festival (Star festival)

From late in July to early in August
The arcade will be very crowded with people enjoying the colorful bamboo branches hung with colorful decorations. Many events, including the Tanabata decoration contest and Miss Tanabata contest.

Around Gondo area

Nagano Binzuru (Nagano city residents festival)

The first Saturday of August
The Sound of people shouting “Sore” and tapping rice scoops echoes in the summer night sky. This is one of the biggest summer festivals with traditional Japanese music.

Chuo Street and Showa Avenue

Nikoniko fireworks celebration

The day after Nagano Binzuru
West side park of Nagano prefectural hall

Iizuna fire festival

August 10th
It is the entering ceremony called Yamairi of Mt.Iizuna which is the holy mountain for disciples. Fireworks, synthesizer,s and laser rays under the mysterious stage effects cover Daizahoshi pond. People can enjoy the sounds and lights of the fantasy show.

Iizuna Kogen Daizahoshi pond

Iizuna jazz concert

In the middle of August
A large number of people gather and enjoy the music festival at Iizuna Kogen in the summer. Some top musicians play for the people every summer.

Iizuna Kogen

Nagano Aspen music festival

From the middle to late in August
This festival was originally the well-known music festival of Aspen, Colorado State, U.S.A. The world’s top musicians give some lessons to top Japanese amateur musicians according to the instrument’s type. An orchestra performs a classical concert.

Arcadia concerto hall and others in Iizuna Kogen Nagano residents hall, etc.

Sanada festival

The fourth weekend of September
Various events such as Sanada Jyumangoku procession, marching band, photograph contest and picture exhibition are held.

Matsushiro town

Shinshu home town boast festival

The weekend around October 10th
People from cities and towns in Nagano prefecture exhibit their special products and sell them. The center stage has the shows of the folk entertainments and others.

Around Jyoyama park
Ebisuko(Festival in honor of Ebisu) and fireworks festival

November 23 rd
Nagano city was originally built in front of Zenkoji temple. A large market sale is conducted in this arcade, in addition to a big fireworks festival around Tanbajima bridge. Many people enjoy these festivities.

Nagano city

Nagano Flower Calendar

A large number of tourists from the inside and the outside of Nagano prefecture visit Nagano city to enjoy watching many kinds of flowers and trees.

Plum blossoms

Around Jyoyama park
Early to the middle of April

Apricot blossoms

Mori in Koshoku city
Early to the middle of April

Cherry blossoms

Matsushiro ruins of the castle Around Jyoyama park
The middle of April The middle of April

Jindai cherry blossoms

Imoi (This tree is the age of a tree 1200 years or more. )
Late in April

Peach blossoms

Kawanakajima, Shinonoi
Late in April to early in May

Apple blossoms

Late in April to the middle of May

Skunk-cabbage blossoms

Iizuna Kogen
The middle of April to the middle of May


Mori in Koshoku city, Kurashina
The middle to late in April


Iizuna Kogen
Late in May to the middle of June

Famous Food And Drink From Nagano


Kitashinano around Nagano city is Known for its fresh apples. The area along the Apple line on the north of Nagano city is especially one of the most famous places. It’s crowded with lots of people who enjoy plucking apples in Fall.


soba_nagano_city Togakushi, next to Nagano city, is famous for its delicious soba. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the taste of real soba in Nagano city.

Nagaimo (Yam)

The area along Chikuma river in Matsushiro is a production area for Nagaimo. Tororojiru (grated yam) is a healthy food that includes the digestive enzyme; diastase. This is a very popular dish in Japan, due to its flavorful taste.

Miso (bean paste)

Shinshumiso is the most popular one of its type in Japan. The smell of the Miso soup represents the smell of shinshu’s natural environment.

Kuri (Chestnut)

kuri_chestnut_nagano_city Obuse is a town which is known for its chestnuts. Chestnut cakes and Okowa (steamed rice and chestnut) from Obuse are very famous in Japan. You can taste them in Nagano city, too. They are very popular for souvenirs.

Matsushiroyaki (pottery)

Matsushiro-style pottery originates from Matsushiro, the former castle town of Sanada. Its simple, heavy feeling and the green line are the peculiarities of Matsushiro ware.


Oyaki are baked cakes that have different flavors according to the ingredients. Seasonal vegetables, wild plants, Nozawana, and An (bean jam) with original flour are some of the ingredients which are used. These Oyaki are the original food in Shinshu.


Apricot is also one of the representative fruits in Shinshu. Dried apricot, apricot jam, and apricot cakes are available.

Original sake

Shinshu is well known not only for its scenic beauty but also for its excellent sake. (Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage brewed from rice. It has no color and is as clear as water.) The techniques of skilled workmen produce the mild taste of original sake. This process utilizes excellent water and rice.