Seabird Breeding At Teuri And Yagishiri Islands In Haboro

Teuri and Yagishiri Islands’ geographical features of the two islands in the Sea of Japan differ greatly. While the circumference of Teuri is composed entirely of steep cliffs, Yagishiri is flat and green.

Yagishiri Island Suffolk Sheep

In the center of the island is the municipal sheep farm, a popular scenic spot, where Suffolk sheep pasture.

Teuri Island

Teuri Island is 4 km west of Yagishiri Island. This small island is 12 km around. Its name is said to come from the Ainu “teure-shiri” (right leg island).



Vast seabird nesting grounds and colonies are found here. The common guillemot is just one precious species that breed only here. They breed on the west coast, a long coast of steep cliffs that were designated in 1938 as a National Natural Treasure to protect the guillemots.

Spectacled Guillemot At Teuri Island

They can be observed only from a glass-bottomed boat that sails along the coast. They are on the verge of extinction. In 1995, only 20 of them were known to be remaining. Akaiwa Scenic Overlook (38 m high) is a landmark. It commands a great view of Akaiwa Rock.

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Access: 1hr 40 min by Haboro Enkai Ferry from Haboro Port to Teuri Port

1hr 20 min by Haboro Enkai Ferry from Haboro Port to Yagishiri Port

Seagulls on Teuri Island

Haboro ↔ Teuri Island/Yagishiri Island by Haboro Coast Ferry

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Hokkaido Yagishiri Island Folk Museum