Konsen Pilot Farm in Betsukai


The Town of Betsukai, known as a town of dairy farming, established “Konsen Pilot Farm” using loans from the World Bank in 1956. This is a farm for dairy farming development toward establishing dairy farming operations in the short term.

Betsukai (Betsukai-cho; often Bekkai-cho) is a town located in Notsuke District, Nemuro Subprefecture, Hokkaido Prefecture. A shuttle bus tied to the schedule of the planes runs to Nemuro and Betsukai. Nakashibetsu bus terminal is also a hub for buses serving the Akan and Shiretoko region, with several daily buses to Rausu.

Kaiyo-dai (The Town of Nakashibetsu)

Kaiyo-dai is very popular as a spot in Nakashibetsu that overlooks stock farms. The scene is unique to Hokkaido. At the location 271 m above sea level is an observatory that commands a panoramic 330-degree view. It is also equipped with an audiovisual theater and a restaurant. Nakashibetsu town (Nakashibetsu-cho) is located in Shibetsu District, Nemuro Subprefecture, Hokkaido Prefecture.

Betsukai Town (Betsukai-cho) Office 280 Betsukaitokiwacho, Betsukai Town (Betsukai-cho), Notsuke District, Hokkaido Prefecture 086-0205, Japan Tel: 0153-75-2111, 0153-79-5500 Fax: 0153-75-0371

Website: http://betsukai.jp/

Nakashibetsu Town Government Office/ Nakashibetsu Tourist Association 2-22 Maruyama, Nakashibetsu town (Nakashibetsu-cho), Shibetsu District, Hokkaido Prefecture 086-1164, Japan Tel: 0153-73-3111 Fax: 0153-73-5333

Nakashibetsu Town Government Website: http://www.nakashibetsu.jp/

Nakashibetsu Tourist Association Website: http://www.kaiyoudai.jp/

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