A gorgeous float, mounted with Karakuri Mechanical Dolls, is exhibited in this hall. One of the three festival floats of Arimatsu, Hotei-sha float, Karako-sha float, and Jingu-kogo-sha float, is exhibited in rotation to introduce festival culture. The floats, which have been maintained for about 400 years are precious historical material as along with the town scape in which calmness and the rich taste of the Edo Era remain.

Hours: Open: 9:30-16:30 Autumn festival held on the first Sunday in October each year.

Spring Festival held on third Sunday in March.

Location and Contact:
Arimatsu Festival Float Hall (Arimastu Float Museum) 2338, Arimatsu, Midori Ward (Midori-ku), Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi), Aichi Prefecture (Aichi-ken) 458-0458, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.066234000000001,136.97186399999998] Phone: 052-621-3000, 052-621-0111

Website: http://www.shibori-kaikan.com/arimatsunodashi.html

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