Suzuka Circuit (Motor sports and Amusement park), Suzuka City (Suzuka-shi)

Suzuka Circuit is the mecca of Japanese motor racing, hosting international events such as the Formula 1 races (F1 race) at this international racing course. Along with other motorsports and entertainment, visitors can go-cart on an actual racing course in addition to enjoying the attached amusement park, hotel accommodations, restaurants, swimming pools, hot springs, tennis courts and more at this comprehensive resort area.

While hosting races, Suzuka Circuit has also been engaged in promoting motorsports culture. As part of this effort, a racing school was established to nurture drivers and riders able to compete at an international level. At the amusement park – Motopia, a utopia for people and vehicles. There is a diverse range of driving entertainment for young children. This is based on the corporate vision of cultivating “future fans” and promoting car culture in Japan.

In addition to go-carts, the amusement park offers a linear-motor roller coaster known as the Mad Cobra and a ride called the Space Shot, which features a sudden drop of 50 meters. Visitors can also take advantage of the adjacent natural spa, hotel, and other resort amenities.

The world’s fastest machines and the world’s highest-class race drivers compete in this pinnacle race of motor sports. Also Suzuka 8-hour Endurance Road Race competition in which 2 riders per machine ride continuously for over 8 hours to see who rode the furthest. A variety of events, such as experience trips, photo contests, sketch contests, bingo games, etc. are held in Suzuka Circuit and Suzuka River riverbanks, culminating in the magnificent hot-air balloon competition, in which several hot-air balloons battle in mid-air.

It doesn’t matter if you have never seen an F1 race before, from children to adults, if you are a veteran F1 fan that attends every year, there is something for everyone down by the raceway!

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Mobilityland Corporation (Suzuka Circuitland Co., Ltd., and Twin Ring Motegi Co., Ltd., merged and made a new start as Mobilityland Corporation) 7992 Ino-cho, Suzuka City (Suzuka-shi), Mie Prefecture, Japan 510-0295 Getting There: Twenty minutes by bus from Kintetsu Shiroko station to the Suzuka Circuit stop via Sanco Bus. TEL: +81 (0)59-378-1111 (Main line)

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