Gojoban Yashiki – Matsusaka Castle Park, Matsusaka City (Matsusaka-shi)


Matsusaka Castle, constructed in 1588, is now a park in which the stone walls remain. Adjacent to the caste are nineteen houses in which the families of the castle guards resided. Encircled by fences and stone pavement, the residences radiate an elegant, historic air. Some of the original families still live in these houses today, but one house is open to the public.

Gojoban Yashiki (Gojoban’s home) is also known as “Castle Guards man House” it is a row of houses (called Kumiyashiki) where “Kyu Kishu Hanshi” warriors in the olden times who were in-charge of guarding the Matsusaka castle lived during the later part of Edo period.

The area is famous for cherry blossoms and wisteria, and is familiarly known as Matsusaka Park.

Ujisato/Matsusaka Matsuri (Ujisato/Matsusaka Festival) In Matsusaka-Shi

This is held to honor a feudal lord, Gamo Ujisato, the founder of the town and constructor of Matsusaka Castle. A warrior parade will have 1000 participants, 300 dressed in feudal costumes to recreate life 400 years ago. The roads will be lined with many stalls. The “Ujisato Matsuri” is a festival being held in autumn. Other events such as gunnery show by the “Shiga Prefecture Hino City Corps”,presentation is being held at the shopping street.

Getting there: Five minutes by bus from JR or Kintetsu Matsusaka stations to Shiyakusho-mae bus stop.

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