How to get to Mie

Let you know how long it takes and how much the fare costs.

From where are you approaching MIE? Main Roads in Mie Prefecture include Ise Motorway and 10 National Routes (1, 23, 25, 42, 165, 166, 167, 260, 309, 311, 368). Its principal public transportation includes JR, Kintetsu Railway, Ferry, and the closest Shinkansen (Super express train) Station is Nagoya. There are 4 current airports nearby are Chubu International Airport, Nagoya Airport, Osaka Airport and Kansai International Airport.

Kintetsu Line

Kintetsu Line is the most frequent and fastest to Mie, but “Japan Rail Pass” is not valid this line. By Kintetsu Line you may reach to Mie:

  • From OSAKA
  • From KYOTO &
  • From NAGOYA

JR Line

If you are a Japan Rail Pass holder, you can save your time by using Shinlkansen via Nagoya (except Iga-ueno).
It is the most recommended way to change at Nagoya station. From Tokyo to Nagoya, it takes 110 mins by Hikari Super Express (Shinkansen). From Kyoto to Nagoya, it takes 40 mins by Hikari. From Shin-osaka to Nagoya, it takes 55 mins by Hikari.

Even if you come down from Osaka or Kyoto, you should take a Shinkansen and change to a rapid train “Mie” at Nagoya station.

Wideview Nanki Limited Express (tokkyu-waidobyu nanki) is a nice train that connects Nagoya, northern Mie, and central Mie with southern Mie. The extra fee required to ride this train is quite expensive but is quite worth it considering that it can cut the time from Kumano to Matsusaka in half and the time from Kumano to Nagoya into a third. It is a life-saver for those living in the deep south. It runs four times per day in each direction. Stops at the following stations:
Nagoya • Kuwana • Yokkaichi • Suzuka • Tsu • Taki • Misedani • Kii-Nagashima • Owase • Kumanoshi • Shingu • Kii-Katsu’ura

For JAPAN RAIL PASS Holders – when you taking JR Ltd. Exp. “Nanki” or JR Rapid “Mie”, the trains go through the Ise Railways Line which is the third sector rail company.. JAPAN RAIL PASS does NOT cover the line’s fare and charge, threfore you may be required to pay the fare (and charge, if applicable) by the guard.

Highway Bus

Are you patient enough to come by BUS?

There are some bus services between Tokyo and Mie. These bus services are jointly orerated by Mie-kotsu (Sanco) and Seibu Bus. You may reach to Mie by bus:

  • From OMIYA / TOKYO (Ikebukuro) to TOBA (MIE).
  • From OMIYA / TOKYO (Iebukuro) to KUMANO (MIE) / Namki
  • From TOKYO (Shinagawa) / YOKOHAMA to IGA (MIE)

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