The Breathtaking Akame 48 Waterfalls Walk

Akame 48 Waterfalls (akame shijuhachi-taki) is a series of waterfalls, both graceful and spectacular, cascade through this narrow four-kilometer valley. The area was chosen as one of the best 100 forests in Japan and includes what is considered one of the best 100 water falls in the country. The valley is also home to the Japanese Salamander Center, which has a collection of giant salamanders from around the world.

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The Akame valley area, which is surrounded by native forest includes a range of waterfalls that cascade over a stretch of 4 kilometers into a gorge near the bottom of the valley’s mountainous landscape. Situated at the Aoyama Plateau (Aoyama-Kogen) in the center of the Murou Akame Aoyama National Park, the waterfalls cover a distance of about 4km.


Within this area, there is a 3-hour walking course, which runs alongside the waterfalls. The rapids are spectacular during Autumn as they reflect the colors of the leaves. The 3 of the 5 best falls, such as Fudo Fall, Senjyu Fall, and Nunobiki Fall can be reached within an hour along the walkway.

Senju Falls Akame

This walkway allows you to enjoy the many spectacular sights of the waterfalls as they flow into the gorge. These prices include entrance into Japan‘s Salamanders Centre, which is situated at the entrance to the walkways.

Hinadan Waterfall

The Akame 48 waterfalls are the habitats of the salamander, which is a special and protected species. People can see salamanders within Japan and overseas.

The name Akame (Red eyes) was derived from a mythical folk tale about a legendary man named En no Ozunu, who while meditating in front of the waterfalls, reported having seen Cetaka (A budda) emerge from the waterfalls riding a red-eyed bull. Following that, this area came to be known as Akame (Red eyes).

Autumn leaves of Akame 48 Waterfalls

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Akame 48 Waterfalls (akame shijuhachi-taki) & Japan Salamander Center
NPO Akame 48 Waterfalls Ravine Preservation Association 861-1 Nagasaka, Akame-cho, Nabari City (Nabari-shi), Mie 518-0469 Direction: Ten minutes by bus from Kintetsu Akame-Guchi station Entrance Fees: Adult ¥300, Elementary/Jr. High School Student ¥150 (Group discounts available) Hour: (April 1 ~ November 30) 9:00-17:00, (December 1 ~ March 31) 9:30-16:30, closed: (December 29 ~ January 3). Telephone: 0595-63-3004

Website: http://www.akame48taki.jp/newpage36/newpage36.html (English)

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