Things To Do in Ogoe-machi (Ogoe Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City)

At Mount Takashiba, which is specified as Prefecture Natural Park, crimson azalea is in full bloom at the end of May. The total number of azalea is as many as 30,000. A hiking trail surrounded by azalea goes up to the mountain top. There are many azalea watching visitors including the people from the City when it is in full bloom.

Ohtakine mountain and Onigoro Valley

You can encounter a clear torrent in Onigoro Valley, which is the Source of Ohtakine River. Romantic waterfalls which appear along the torrent in the background of fresh green leaves in summer and colored leaves in autumn never fail to charm the visitors.

Large Ginkgo Tree of Chogenji Temple

A large gingko Tree, 31 m high and approximately 8m around the trunk, is an old tree of 370 years. It is specified as the natural monument of the City.

Cherry Blossoms in the Eisenji Temple

Beni Shidare sakura (pink waterfall cherry tree) in the Eisenji temple is said to be the same kind of the Taki-zakura in Miharu, and is a natural treasure of Fukushima. When they are in full bloom, you can enjoy the marvelous scenery that the tree branches hang over just like you can touch them from the ground.

Onigoro/Hatagoro Bronze Statue

About one thousand and two hundred years ago Onrgoro and Hatagoro brothers tried to protect the land from the conqueror Tamuramaro Sakanoue. In the legend which has been related down for generations, the elder brother Onigoro is excellent in marshal art and his younger brother Hatarogo is a hero who governed and loved the homeland after his brothers death.

Tagoya and Irisando 3-Lion Dance

This dance is performed by local boys for the purpose of praying for rich harvest. This dance is dedicated to Inari shrine during the festival.

Onigoro Hatagoro drum

This is the original sect of drum which is transcended from the single person performance of Sabane sect in Ohshu region. One unit consists of large drum, long body drum and tightened drum and performs with valiant rhythm in events outside or inside the town.

Oni no sato Summer Festival

This festival boasts the most luxurious fireworks in Tamura area and a variety of shows on the stage. This festival is held during the obon period in August and attracts many people.

Ogoe Furusato-kan

Delicious foodstuffs of the season like special products of Ogoe and vegetables fresh from the farm are recommended. Kamiogoe Suijingu 62-1, Ogoe-machi (Ogoe Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-4111 Japan [Latitude: 37.375619999999998, Longitude: 140.63542999999999] TEL.: 0247-79-3512


Exciting Course

Licca-chan Castle (Ono Town) lrimizu Cave Children’s Kingdom Mushi-Mushi Land Green park Miyakoji Jyouban Tomioka l.C.
This course is intended for children to touch and be excited but is also attractive to adults.

Cherry Tree Tour Course:

Miharu-no-Takizakura Ozawa-no sakura Eisenji-no sakura Benten-zakura Oisesama-no- Abumisuriishi zakura Asemizawa -no-sakura Joban Tomioka I.C
Fully enjoy the view of the natural monument which is over 400 years old.

Address and Contact

Ogoe/Ohgoe Town Department of Administration Industrial Section Location: Suijingu 62-1, Kami Ogoe, Ogoe-machi (Ogoe Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-4111 Japan [Latitude: 37.375599999999999, Longitude: 140.63611499999999] TEL: 0247-79-2193 FAX: 0247-79-2115

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Note: On March 1, 2005 Takine was merged with the towns of Funehiki, Ōgoe, and Tokiwa, and the village of Miyakoji, all from Tamura District, to form the new city of Tamura.