Things To Do in Miyakoji-machi (Miyakoji Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City)

In the area around the branch of Takasegawa river, you can find a perfect combination of strange lookong rocks in the clear torrent and primitive forest of broad leaved trees and you can command the beautiful valley when new leaves come out and when leaves turn red and yellow. The clear-water of Gyojigataki waterfall in Gyojigasawa with the height of 25m is worthwhile visiting. In addition, this water is selected as one of the 30 best water in Fukushima Prefecture’, and the trail way is selected as “one of the 50 trail ways in Fukushima”.

Green Park Miyakoji

This is a resort facility making use of the natural scene spreading over the mountain and green highland environment. You can enjoy strolling along the wide pathway and riding bicycles in the park breathing fresh air in the nature which is not available in city environment. You can find animal fureai park and automobile camping fields. If you are hungry, enjoy local beef (Miyakoji Beef) in the barbecue house.

Green Park Miyakoji is a space for every one to enjoy including animal fureai park, auto camping field and barbecue house in the rich nature of Miyakoji. Green Park Miyakoji Auto-Camping Ground is an extensive tent site are community revitalization facilities such as a BBQ house featuring Miyakoji beef, and an establishment displaying and selling local specialties. Facilities include Auto-camping site, Rental tent, Rental blanket, Rental cooking utensils, Sanitary house, Event square, Seminar house. The building includes Japanese style rooms and conference room.
Address and Contact: Location: Furumichi Kitamuki 185-1, Miyakoji-machi (Miyakoji Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-4702 Japan [Latitude: 37.432983999999998, Longitude: 140.72662] Tel/Fax: (0247)67-3002

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Gojunin mountain

Mountain azalea and lily of the valley are growing in clusters at the altitude of 883 m. At the end of May when the mountain climbing is allowed, the mountain azalea is in full bloom. The place is recommended for family hiking while doing barbecue or camping as the camping field is provided in the midst of the mountain.

Standard time radio wave transmitting station on Mount Ohtakadoya

The Japan Standard Time radio wave (time tone) is transmitted from the top of Mount Ohtakadoya at the altitude of 794m, which is located at the border of Miyakoji and Kawauchi Village in Futaba County to all over Japan.

Ham Production Factory Mivakoii

The pork which is the raw material of the ham is produced at the only farm in Miyakoji and is hand-made with meticulous care.

Miyakoji light festival

There are participation experience classrooms in the woodwork classroom and the Takehi making, the concert where the harmony drum resounds in a fantastic space is held at dark, Hicari of 10,000 Takehi combines with the star in the whole sky, and the fantasy space that sounds in the mind extends to the presence.

3-lion dance in Iwaisawa

The 3-lion dance which is dedicated to the festival of Amanohiwashi Shrine on November 3, every year and is specified as the intangible cultural asset and is said to have the tradition of at least 250 years.

Miyakoji Fascinating Market and Forest Festival

Miyakoji Fascinating Market is a festival market of local foods and a variety of shops of local products and you cannot miss the local beef barbecue shop. At the Forest festival corner, you can experience the life in the forest or wood craft making.

Event Course

Miyakoji lighting festival Children’s Kingdom Mushi-Mushi Land Summer festival Oni no sato Summer festival Lantern Floating and Firework Festival Abukuma Cave autumn festival.
Tour around for the original festivals of Tamura City according to the schedule to enjoy a unique tour!!

What to Buy:

Thee products as follows are recommended – Bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar, bamboo charcoal crafts! “Black-Fur Wagyu (Japanese beef), Dried chars “Pickled plums made by the same old method” (Natsu-haze (Vaccinium oldhamii) and “Natsu-haze ame” candy, etc. They are delicious.

Address and Contact:

Miyakoji Department of Administration Industrial Section Location: Furumichi Motomachi 33-4, Miyakoji-machi (Miyakoji Town), Tamura-shi (Tamura City), Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) 963-4701 Japan [Latitude: 37.436014, Longitude: 140.79467399999999] Tel: 0247-75-2111 FAX: 0247-75-2844

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Miyakoji-machi (Miyakoji Town) Official Website:

Note: On March 1, 2005 Takine was merged with the towns of Funehiki, Ōgoe, and Tokiwa, and the village of Miyakoji, all from Tamura District, to form the new city of Tamura. The area covered by the former village has been reclassified as a borough (町 “-machi” is often translated “town,” but the word “borough,” like 町 “-machi,” can mean either a division of a city or a town independent of any larger city: see the article on “Borough” for comparable usages) within the City of Tamura.