Migita-hama (Migita Beach) Camping Ground

Tourist attractions such as the Man-yo Botanical Garden and Manogawa Gorge are nearby. On the opposite shore across the Manogawa River is the Kaiyo Center where a swimming pool, as well as rental yachts, canoes and windsurfing gear are available.

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Kashima Town
  • Parking: Available, At Auto-camping site Parking: 35 to 40 cars
  • Contents of the facilities: Auto-camping site, Firewood, Cooking area, Toilet, Water supply
  • Number of accommodation: 500 people capacity, 150 people capacity for auto-camp
  • Admission fee: Donation. Rental tent ¥1,500 for one set, ¥3,000 per a car [Prices might have changed, pl. call for current price]
  • Location:
  • Tent Camp: Aza Futatsunuma, Kashimaku Minamimigita, Kashima town (Kashima-machi), Minamisoma City (Minamisoma-shi), Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima-ken) 979-2314, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 37.688032,141.008457]
    Auto-Camping Ground: Aza Minamitateshita, Kashima-ku Ouchi, Kashima town (Kashima-machi), Haramachi City (Haramachi-shi), Minamisoma City (Minamisoma-shi), Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima-ken) 979-2322, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 37.6768039,140.9993078]Note: On January 1, 2006 Kashima was merged with the town of Odaka from Soma District, and the city of Haramachi to form the new City – Minamisoma City (Minamisoma-shi).
  • Reference: Migita-hama (Migita Beach) Camping Ground: Tel.: 0244-46-5692 Migita-hama (Migita Beach) Auto-Camping Ground: Tel.: 0244-46-2250, 0244-46-2111Migita-hama (Migita Beach) Camp: http://www.youyou.shadow.ne.jp/kyanp/migitahama/migitahama.htmlHaramachi Seaside Park Auto-Camp: http://www.seasidepark.jp/
    Minamisoma City (Minamisoma-shi) Official website: http://www.city.minamisoma.lg.jp/etc/reiki/reiki_honbun/ar27104391.html