Oma Town Shimokita Peninsula


Oma is a coastal town in the northernmost part of Aomori Prefecture. Along to the north the mountains of Hokkaido, Oma town nestled in the majestic nature of the Tsugaru Strait is located in the northern part of the Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture, and Hakodate. The town has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with strong winds. Much of the village is within the limits of the Shimokita Hanto Quasi-National Park. Omazaki cape is the northernmost point on Honshu island.

Aomori’s long coastline has also helped fishing to become very important to the economy. The largest tuna ever caught in Japanese waters was caught near Oma in the Tsugaru Strait in 2001.

The town made again headlines on Jan. 5, 2012 when a bluefin tuna from Oma fetched a record 56.49 million yen at the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market on Jan. 5. Since then, an individual claiming to be a tuna fisherman from Oma has been donating money to children’s facilities in Aomori Prefecture.


Points of Interest at Oma town (Oma-machi) in Shimokita Peninsula adjacent to Mutsu City (Mutsu-shi)

The north end mainland of Oma town (Oma-machi) the_north_end_mainland_of_oma_town_oma-machithe_north_end_mainland_of_oma
Tairyokigansai Fishing Festival of praying for good catch tairyokigansai_fishing_festival_of_praying_for_good_catch
Bentenjima (Benten Island) bentenjima_benten_island Tel: 0175-37-3117
Tsuhanazaki Cape Tsuhana tsuhanazaki_cape_tsuhana
Blue Marine Festival & Super Tuna Festival blue_marine_festival__super_tuna_festival_-_image_1 blue_marine_festival__super_tuna_festival_-_image_2 blue_marine_festival__super_tuna_festival_-_image_3 Tel: 0175-37-2233
Omazakienchi Tent Site (Omazakienchi Campsite) Tel: 0175-37-2111
Tsugarukaikyo Uminaridaiko drumming performance tsugarukaikyo_uminaridaiko_drumming_performance
Nishifukitsukeyama Observatory nishifukitsukeyama_observatory
Omakaikyo Hoyo Center (Oma Strait Health Facilities) omakaikyo_hoyo_center_oma_strait_health_facilities Tel: 0175-37-4334
Ishikawa Takuboku kahi ishikawa_takuboku_kahi
Wing facilities for culture, education and sports wing_facilities_for_culture_education_and_sports TEL: 0175-32-1111 FAX: 0175-37-5110, Website:
Hugenin Temple hugenin_temple Tel: 0175-37-2727
Oma town Seafood oma_town_seafood oma_town_seafood_image_2 Tel: 0175-37-3555
Aomori HIBA Products aomori_hiba_products TEL: 0175-37-4711, FAX: 0175-32-1011, Website:
Oma Escort Club oma_escort_club Tel: 0175-35-2147, 090-7931-4509, Website:
Oma town (Oma-machi) Taxi Tel: 0120-40-2213
Oma Town (Oma-machi) Government Office, Oma town hall Address: Oma 104, Oma town (Oma-machi), Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture 039-4601, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.526768,140.907435]
TEL: 0175-37-2111
FAX: 0175-37-2478
Oma Town (Oma-machi) official Website:
Oma town Chamber of Commerce:
Oma town group promoting healthy activities: