Ashikaga is the home of the Ashikaga clan that became the mainstream of Seiwagensei family. Ashikaga has many shrines and temples with the Ashikaga clan connections. We recommend this course include other traditional sites in the Kamakura era and the Muromachi era ( the 14th c. – the 17th c.).

Bannaji Temple

The main hall of Bannaji Temple in Ashikaga
The main hall of Bannaji Temple in Ashikaga

Bannaji, a Temple known for its association with the Ashikaga clan, is located in the center of Ashikaga. It covers an area of about 40,000m and is surrounded by a moat. Bannaji Temple is the Ashikaga clan’s family temple.

Bannaji Temple Ashikaga City in Tochigi
Bannaji Temple Ashikaga City in Tochigi

The second lord, Yoshikane Gensei of the Ashikaga clan founded the temple to offer prayers to“Daiichinyorai ”, a patron saint. He held a ceremony in his garden in 1196 A.D. for “Dainichi Nyorai” who was their patron saint.

The third man in Ashikaga line, Yoshiuji, built the main temple, and other buildings. There is a moat and dike around the temple, and the area is about 9.9A. Bannaji Temple has maintained the style of the Kamakura era (1192-1333) and it is historically significant as a relic of the Ashikaga clan’s residence and was designated a place of national heritage in 1922.

Main hall of Bannaji Temple in Ashikaga
Main hall of Bannaji Temple in Ashikaga

With its beautiful cherry blossoms in Spring and yellow ginkgo tree in Autumn, the citizens of Ashikaga lovingly call the temple, “Dainitisama”. It is historically significant as a relic of the Ashikaga clan’s residence in the Kamakura era and was designated a site of national heritage in 1922.

Banna-ji Temple

Ashikaga City Bannaji
Ashikaga City Bannaji

2220 Ietomi-cho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0803, Japan Tel: 0284-41-2627 REGULAR HOURS: From 10:00 a.m~6:00 p.m (Enter by 5:30 p.m)
ACCESS: 0.4mil. from JR Ashikaga Station, 3 minutes by car, 10 minutes’ walk 0.6mil. from Tobu Ashikagashi Station, 5 minutes by car, 15 minutes’ walk City bus (Yamanami, Seseragi) Get off at Tori-2-chome, 5 minutes’ walk City bus (Seseragi) Get off at Dainitinishimon Tanuma town bus Get off at Dainitinishimon

Hogenji Temple

This temple has important cultural assets such as the GORINTO, the pagoda of Hojo Tokiko, and the mother of Ashikaga Yoshizumi, at the Westside of the main temple.

Yoshizumi Ashikaga, the oldest son of Yoshikane, has been said to have founded Hogenji Temple to pray for the repose of his mother, Tokiko Hojo.“Gorinnoto”(a stone stupa representing earth, water, fire, wind, and air) for Tokiko remains.

Ashikaga Hogenji Temple

2545 Tomoe-cho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0805, Japan Tel: 0284-21-2790

Horakuji Temple

It has been said that Yoshiuji Ashikaga founded Horakuji Temple in 1294. The main temple was imitated the Ginkakuji Temple which the 15th lord, Yoshimasa Ashikaga (the eighth Shogunate in the Muromachi era) founded. This is an important citizen cultural asset, the tomb of Ashikaga Yoshiuji who build this temple. The main temple was built to imitate the style of construction of Ginkakuji- temple in Kyoto.

Horaku-ji Temple

3 chome 2067 Honjo, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0808, Japan Tel: 0284-21-5884

Kichijoji Temple

It is said that the fifth lord, Yoriuji Ashikaga founded Kichijoji temple. The patriarch is the priest , Kakukei. Hydrangeas blossom in June ,and also the festival is held on the second Saturday and Sunday in June every year.

Kichisho-ji (Kichijo-ji) Temple

245 Egawa-cho, Ashikaga City (Ashikaga-shi), Tochigi Prefecture 326-0067, Japan

Tel: 0284-42-6006

Kotokuji Temple

It has been said to be founded by the third lord, Yoshiuji. The patriarch is the priest Bannashonin, namely the second lord, Yoshikane Ashikaga. It has 19“Gorinnoto”s(a stone stupa representing earth, water, fire, wind, and air) for chief retainers of Takauji Ashikaga(the first Shogunate in the Muromachi era), including Moronao Komusashinokami, Munetsugu Enshunokami.

Koutokuj (Kotokuji) Temple

892 Sugeta-cho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0007, Japan

Tel: 0284-41-1978

Shusseinari Shrine (Ashikaga Shusse Inari Jinja Shrine)

Shusseinari Shrine is the venerable shrine where the second lord, Yoshikane Ashi-kaga visited. Located at Sugeta-cho near Kotokuji Temple.

Kabasaki Hachimangu Shrine

After Yoshikane’s death, Yoshiuji founded the temple as“Okunoin”of Bannaji Temple (the most sacred place the spirit of Yoshikane is enshrined). This shrine is the site of Kabasakiji- temple, built by Ashikaga Yoshikane, a member of the second generation of the Ashikaga family. He built the shrine to pray for his mother’s soul and he was also buried alive here.

Kabasaki Hachimangu Shrine

1723 Kabasaki-cho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0004, Japan

Tel: 0284-41-1529

Zentokuji Temple

Zentokuji Temple is a famous temple that was founded by Takauji Ashikaga on September 24th in 1368. The temple has the wooden statue and memorial tablet of Ashikaga Takauji who founded the Ashikaga Government and became the first shogun, and the tomb of Tairanoshigemori. The patriarch is Butsumanzenji. The Buddhist memorial tablet and the seated wooden statue with the formal dress of the court noble of Takauji remain.

Zentokuji Temple

1-2 Daicho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0056, Japan

Tel: +81 284-41-2890

Hoshoji Temple

This temple is better known as Horigome Yakushi and ceremony to get rid of people’s ill luck. There is also the tomb of Horigome Genta.

Hoshoji Temple (Koshigaya temple)

2023 Horigome-cho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0831, Japan Tel: 0284-71-2743 Fax: 0284-73-1942

Hiraishi Hachimangu Shrine

It has been said to be founded by the fourth lord, Yasuuji Ashikaga.(Yamashita-cho)

Hiraishi Hachimangu Shrine

Yamashita-cho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 326-0846, Japan

Contact: Ashikaga City (Ashikaga-shi) Tourist Information Centers

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