Four seasons in Nasu Town (Nasu-machi), Nasu Highland

Spring, the season when pretty little flowers greet you. Trees which endured at the severe winter come into beautiful and crisp flower, encouraging and moving us. A new year of Nasu starts in this year, again.

Summer (Suikan)

Fresh green and vibrant life shine Whiteness of the remaining snow, fresh green and blue in the sky Refreshing sense of unity, you enjoy fully in Nasu One wishes to savor luxury of highland.

Autumn (Kakuen)

Nasu will be deeply tinged with crimson color. From green to red, an invigorating climate Trees flare as though they miss autumn. We simply give our thanks to beauty of nature. We desire that these assets to be handed down to the next year and further to the future as well.

Winter (Hakugin)

Pure-white makes its presence felt and reveals dignity. While asleep, make a display of spaciousness. The Nasu range of mountains shows off its presence. Its beauty overwhelms us.