The City of Kushiro (Kushiro-shi) – Sightseeing and Tourist Information


Kushiro, the largest city in eastern Hokkaido, is a marine food production center that boasts one of the top catches in Japan.

The Kushiro River, which originates in Lake Kussharo, runs through the vast Kushiro Marsh and flows into the ocean, and the city flourishes at the river mouth. Washo Market, which deals primarily in seafood, is believed to date back to the days immediately after the war when fishmongers started selling fish out of crates from the backs of their cars. Washo (friendly business) was chosen as a name because this was the philosophy of the merchants. The market today features throngs merchants in a building, instead of in rows of shops. It has restaurants and 65 shops selling fresh fish, dried salted fish, fruits and vegetables, and sundries. The building was refurbished in March 1999.

large_map_of_downtown_city_of_kushiro_kushiro-shi downtown_kushiro_city_from_in_front_of_jr_kushiro_station_to_kita-odori
Figure: Map of Downtown City of Kushiro (Kushiro-Shi) and Downtown Kushiro City (from in front of JR Kushiro Station to Kita-Odori)

Kushiro Shitsugen National Park – Kushiro Marsh (Wetland) and Japanese Cranes (Tancho)

The Kushiro Marsh is a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention and Japan’s largest wetland with an area of 18,300 ha. Blessed with diverse ecosystems, the park is particularly renowned as a habitat for the Japanese crane (Red-crowned Crane), a Special Natural Monument. Reduced to a population of over a dozen, the Japanese crane became endangered as a result of indiscriminate hunting. Thanks to the conservation efforts of neighboring residents, however, the population has increased and the Japanese crane was designated as a Special Natural Monument in 1952. Currently, approximately 1,000 Japanese cranes live in East Hokkaido throughout the year. More Details: Kushiro Shitsugen National Park – Kushiro Marsh (Wetland) and Japanese Cranes (Tancho)

Akan National Park

Akan National Park features a rich natural landscape of primeval forests surrounding crater lakes that were formed by volcanic activities. This park is also renowned as a hot spring resort. It features Lake Onneto, Lake Akan (Akan-ko), Lake Mashu (Mashu-ko), Lake Kussharo (Kussharo-ko), Ainu Kotan, Akan Onsen, Mt. Iou/Io/Iwo (Io-zan) etc.. More Details: Lake Onneto, Akan, Mashu and Kussharo at Akan National Park

Nusamai Bridge

nusamai_bridge Nusamai Bridge over the Old Kushiro River, which separates the city into a new and an old urban area, is a Kushiro landmark. It measures 124 m in total length and 33.8 m in width. By its handrails, four sculptures of nudes represent the four seasons. These were created by famous sculptors of Hokkaido, such as Shin Hongo and Churyo Sato. Nusamai Bridge is one of the top three bridges in Hokkaido, along with Toyohira Bridge in Sapporo and Asahi Bridge in Asahikawa. It is enveloped with white sea fogs in summer and colored red by the setting sun in autumn.


The current bridge is the fifth. It was completed in 1976. The first bridge was Aihoku Bridge, a private toll bridge erected in 1889. The bridge was washed away and another was built in 1900, using national funds. An iron bridge was constructed in 1928. The Old Kushiro River was the main stream of the Kushiro River until the Iwabokki floodgates were closed in 1931.

Statues of the Four Seasons Bronze statues symbolizing the four seasons of East Hokkaido, made by a sculptor representative of modern Japan, are standing on the rails of Nusamai Bridge.
Downtown (from in front of JR Kushiro Station to Kita-Odori) center of Kushiro City, which also serves as the starting point for transportation systems. Seafood and souvenirs from Hokkaido can be found primarily at the Washo Market, one of the top three markets in Hokkaido located in front of JR Kushiro Station, and Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO at the foot of Nusamai Bridge.

Access: 10-min. walk from JR Kushiro Station

Washo Market

Accommodating approximately 60 shops, Washo Market is considered to be the kitchen of the residents of Kushiro City. Crabs, salmon and other fresh seafood landed in Kushiro as well as processed seafood can be bought here. In recent years, “Katte-Don (Donburi Rice Bowl)” has been very popular among tourists. Katte-Don – Top your boiled rice, available at a delicatessen, with your choice of sashimi (slices of raw fish) from a variety of stores.

Access: 2 min.-walk from JR Kushiro Station

Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

Representing the waterfront of Kushiro, Fisherman’s Wharf MOO consists of restaurants and shops. The wharf accommodates numerous souvenir shops and eateries ranging from large-scale restaurants and food stalls at the port. (Minato no Yatai). Access: 10-min. walk from JR Kushiro Station.


Adjoining MOO, EGG is a dome-shaped greenhouse. Why don’t you enjoy briefly basking in the woods when you become tired from shopping or walking along the wharf.

Kushiro City Museum

Located at the edge of Lake Harutori, the Kushiro City Museum building is featured by its shape as a Japanese crane spreading its wings. The museum offers information on the geography, history and climate of Kushiro.

Hours: 9:30-17:00 (admission until 16:30) Admission fee: 460 yen (adult), 240 yen (high school), 110 yen (elementary and junior high school) Closed: Mon., national holidays (open on national holidays between Apr. and Nov. 3) and Dec. 31 – Jan. 5 TEL/FAX: 0154-41 -5 809/0154-42-6000

Access: Take Kushiro Bus, Route Nos. 2, 12, 17, 30 or 55, from JR Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (approx. 10 min.) to Nusamai Chugakko (Junior High School) mae Bus Stop, and walk 5 min.; 210 yen (adult)

Kushiro City Lifelong Education Center (Manabotto Nusamai)

kushiro_city_lifelong_education_center_manabotto_nusamai The Center’s appearance is based on the image of a lighthouse. From the restaurant and the observation room on the 9th floor, you can enjoy not only a panoramic view of Kushiro City, but also the mountains in Akan and Cape Erimo in the distance. Closed: Mon., Dec. 31 – Jan. 5 Hours: 9:00-22:00

Access: 20 minute-walk from JR Kushiro Station

Yonemachi Park

The Yonemachi Park area, overlooking the Port of Kushiro, is the birthplace of Kushiro City. On the opposite side of the park is Yonemachi Heritage Museum, the oldest wooden house in Kushiro City. Yonemachi Heritage Museum

Yonemachi Heritage Museum has an archive dedicated to Takuboku Ishikawa, a poet associated with Kushiro, and a cafe, where visitors can also enjoy drinking coffee in a retro-flavored atmosphere.

Closed: Mon., Dec. 31 – Jan. 5
Access: Take Kushiro Bus Route No. 1 from JR Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (10 min.) to Yonemachi Koen (Park) mae Bus Stop; 210 yen (adult).

Model Course (Kushiro City Tour):

Summertime Model Course (Tour Idea): Kushiro Marsh One Day Course (using public transportation systems)
Winter Model Route (Tour Idea): Lake Akan One Night Plan (mid-January – late March)

Golf Courses in the Suburbs of Kushiro City

There are a number of first-class courses in Kushiro Subprefecture. It is exceptional to play golf in the midst of magnificent nature and in the refreshing air.
Kushiro Country Club 36 holes, 14,044 yards, par 144 Shimohororo, Tsurui Village, Akan-gun TEL: 0154-65-2331 FAX: 0154-65-2078

Period open to the public: throughout mid Apr. – late Nov.

Akan Country Club 27 holes, 10,594 yards, par 108 14, Shitakara, Akan Town TEL: 0154-66-3833 FAX: 0154-66-3835

Period open to the public: throughout mid Apr. – late Nov.

Kushiro Furin Country Club 27 holes

TEL: 0154-65-2121 FAX: 0154-65-2445

Kushiro Airport Golf Club 27 holes

TEL: 01547-5-3131 FAX: 01547-5-3133

Showa District

There is a large-scale shopping mall, and surrounding it are drug stores, toy stores and electric appliance shops.

Access: Take Kushiro Bus Route No.77,66 from JR Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (approx. 30 min.) to AEON Kushiro Showa Shopping Center Bus Stop; 360 yen

Kushiro-cho District

Featuring a shopping center with stores that carry brand names popular among young women, men’s tailors and sporting goods retailers.

Access: Take Kushiro Bus Route Nos. or 101 from JR Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (approx. 30 min.) to AEON Kushiro Bus Stop; 260 yen

Harutori District

harutori_district With a shopping complex dealing in stationery, CDs, videotapes and publications on a vast one floor as the core, there are also drug stores, fashion volume retailers and revolving sushi bars, and other restaurants. Adjoining the shopping complex is the Harutori Ice Arena, where you can enjoy ice skating.

Access: Take Kushiro Bus Route Nos. 17,30 from JR Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (approx. 20 min.) to Coach & Four Bus Stop; 250 yen (adult)

Harutori Ice Arena

Hours: 10:00-16:00 Fees: 480 yen (adult), 360 yen (high school), 240 yen (junior high school), 170 yen (elementary school & younger) Closed: Dec. 31, Jan. 1, June 1 – July 31 Skates for rent: 300 yen

TEL: 0154-46-5115

(Area Code +0154)

(Area Code +0154)

Ekimae Hotel Palude Kushiro 22-3111 22-3116 98 3.900
Kushiro Castle Hotel 43-2111 42-0318 48 6.300
Kushiro Seaside Hotel 41-1717 41-2306 29 3.500
Kushiro ANA Hotel 31-4111 24-8640 180 5,500
Kushiro Royal Inn 31-2121 31-2122 153 5,300
Kushiro Tokyu Inn 22-0109 24-5498 150 5,000
La Vista Kushirogawa 31-5489 31-5335 245 7,000
Kushiro Prince Hotel 31-1111 31-1202 400 7,000
Ekimae Hotel Ocean 24-4000 24-4100 93 4,000
Hotel Rasso Kushiro 23-3311 23-6433 113 4,500
Super Hotel Kushiroi Ekimae 25-9000 25-9001 84 4,480
Super Hotel Kushiro 24-9000 24-9100 101 4,480
Hotel Frontier 24-3557 24-3563 24 4,500
Hotel Kushiro 31-0946 31-1946 41 4,200
Hotel Paco Kushiro 23-8585 31-0085 221 7,350
Toyoko Inn Kushiro Juji-gai 23-1045 23-1046 208 4,480
Lasting Hotel 21-9111 21-9133 84 5,500
Comfort Hotel Kushiro 21-5711 21-5712 126 6,800
Hotel Marshland 51-5557 52-4087 66 5.480
Hotel 1-2-3 Kushiro 24-5000 24-5200 74 4.980
Escale Kushiro 22-3998 22-7957 31 4.500
Hotel Senyukan 51-5867 51-6252 31 4.600
Business Hotel Nakazono Daiichi 23-1764 23-1900 8 3.800
Hotel Taito 64-3111 64-3333 16 7.500
Akai Bcre 66-2330 66-2331 15 4,770
Yamahana Hot Spring Refre 56-2233 56-2277 16 8,200
Hotel Route Inn Kushiro Ekimae 32-1112 32-0090 220 5,700
Ryokan Senyukan 51-6791 52-4087 41 2,980
Ryokan Taikikan 25-1934 25-2709 62 4,200
Marugo Murakatnibekkan 22-3572 22-5175 18 4,000
Tsutaya Ryokan 41-8730 41-8730 14 4,000
Sakanouekaikan 41-5451 41-5445 16 3,000
Ginrinso 23-8512 25-6133 10 2.000
Sakaeya Ryokan 23-0241 23-0242 11 3.150
Sumire Ryokan 23-1285 23-1286 13 3.500
Charenkeso 41-2386 41-1962 10 3.500
Pension Green Park 41-2685 44-3565 14 3,150
Pension Komatsu 51-4559 51-4590 10 3,500
Minshuku Family House 22-0208 22-0209 10 2,500
Lodge Shirarutoro 487-2325 487-2388 10 5,000
Fujihana Onsen Hotel 485-1650 485-2809 27 5.250
Apartment Hotel Minato 21 22-7251 25-2335 40 18,000

Essential Contact Info:

Kushiro Tourism Association (Kushiro Tourism and International Relations Center)

3-3 Saiwaicho 1F, Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture 085-0017, Japan Tel: 0154-31-1993 Fax: 0154-31-1994

Website: http://www.kushiro-kankou.or.jp/

Kushiro Tourist Office – JR Kushiro Station

14 Kitaodori 1F, Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture 085-0015, Japan
TEL: 0154-22-8294

Kushiro Tourist Office – Kushiro Airport

2 Tsuruoka 1F, Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture 084-0926, Japan TEL: 0154-57-8304

Kushiro Airport Website: http://kushiro-airport.co.jp/

Kushiro Tourist Office – Nusamai Bridge

2-1 Kitaodori, Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture 085-0015, Japan
Tel: 0154-22-2910

Kushiro Shitugen Wetland

10-3 Saiwaicho, Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture 085-0017, Japan Tel: 0154-32-7500 Fax: 0154-32-7575

Kushiro Shitugen Wetland Website: http://www.kushiro.env.gr.jp/saisei/0912/english/news.html

Specified incorporated nonprofit organization – Kushiro Wetland ‘Yachi no kai’: http://www.marimo.or.jp/~tancho/yati.htm
NPO Incorporated organization Trust Sarun Kushiro: http://homepage3.nifty.com/sarun/
Wild Bird Society of Japan: http://www.wbsj.org/nonshocked.html