Hyosetsu-no-Mon (Gate of Ice and Snow) in Wakkanai Park

Japan’s northernmost city, Wakkanai sits on a cape, which juts out northward into the Soya Straits, and is the major port town of northern Hokkaido. There is regular ferry service to Rishiri, Rebun, Teuri and Yagishiri, four peaceful islands that lie in the Sea of Japan.

Wakkanai Park

This park is located on a hill outside the city, and includes the 70-meter Centennial Memorial Tower. The park also features the Forest Park, a skiing area, and a children’s amusement area.

Hyosetsu-no-Mon (Gate of Ice and Snow)

This gate is a Wakkanai landmark. It stands in Wakkanai Park, which is on a hill overlooking the city. It was created by Shin Hongo, a famous sculptor from Sapporo, to console the souls of numerous Japanese who died on Sakhalin, longing for the sight of their homeland. Erected in 1963, it consists of three parts: the Gate of Nostalgia, the Spiritual Stone, and the centerpiece, a 2.4-m-tall statue of a woman who symbolizes the people who survived the snowy and icy environment.

Nostalgic words for Sakhalin are engraved in the stone: “People crossed back and forth from here to Sakhalin. After the war, this gate was shut tight…” Next to the monument are the statues of nine girls, telephone operators who committed suicide at Karafuto Maoka Post Office upon completing their last job on August 20, 1945 after the war had ended. The statues were erected to console their young souls.

BY TRAIN: 7 hrs 56 minutes (8400 yen) to JR Wakkanai Station from Sapporo Station
BY CAR: 335km to Wakkanai from Sapporo
BY PLANE: 50min (15500 yen) to Wakkanai airport from New Chitose Airport

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