Iwana-no-Sato (Char fish center) Cottage

Its extensive site contains a fish farm, a Japanese garden, a summerhouse, a water mill, and an area designed to provide a picnic atmosphere. Toilets offering wheelchair access are provided. Rooms with wheelchair users in mind are also available. Trout fishing for everyone. Don’t miss Kawauchi-no-yu (Kawauchi Hot Spring Spa Bath). Also, Takatsuka-yama (Takatsuka Mountain) Auto Camping which leads to the highest peak of Abukuma Mountains and Otakineyama trails. Both distances are fewer, you can enjoy a little hiking.


Here Iwana means whitespotted char fish and Sato means tourist Center. Salvelinus leucomaenis is a Japanese trout in the genus of Salvelinus called Iwana in Japanese and whitespotted char in English. Iwana is widely fished here.

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Kawauchi Village
  • Parking: Avilable
  • Contents of the facilities: Kawauchi-no-yu (Kawauchi Hot Spring Spa Bath), Air conditioning, Loundromat, Temporary cooking facilities, TV (VCR), telephone, refrigerator, rice cooker, gas range, microwave oven, electric kettle, hair dryer
  • Number of accommodation: 4 of 5 people capacity. 1 of 10 people capacity.
  • Admission fee: Standard fee for one night stay ¥8,000 for 5 people capacity. ¥13,000 for 10 people capacity. Plus ¥2,000 for adult, ¥1,500 for student and child. [Prices might have changed, pl. call for current price]
  • Location: 516, Aza Sumiyakiba, Kamikawauchi, Kawauchi Village (Kawauchi-mura), Futaba District (Futaba-gun), Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima-ken) 979-1201, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 37.359349000000002,140.820843]
  • Utilizable season: Always
  • Access: 25 minute drive from JR Joban Line Tomioka Station. 50 minute drive from Joban Expressway Iwaki-Chuou IC.
  • Reference:
    Iwana-no-Sato (Char fish center) Cottage
    TEL/Fax: 0240-39-0103, 0240-38-3511, 0240-38-3431 (Kawauchi-no-yu)
    Email: ons…