Mutsu City in the heart of The Shimokita Peninsula

Mutsu has the unique distinction of being the first city in Japan to write its name in the phonetic script rather than Chinese characters.

Mutsu City is located in the heart of the Shimokita Peninsula (Shimokita District), the northernmost point of the main island of the Honshuu. To north is the Tsugaru Strait, to the south, Mutsu Bay; rising majestically in the western horizon to the height of the 879 meters (2,884 feet) is beautiful Mt.Kamafuse, and to the east lie the Fukkoshi Mountains.

Blessed with not only a rich and beautiful natural environment, Mutsu has flourished as the focal point for industry and transportation on the Shimokita Peninsula. The city of Mutsu was formed in 1959 with the amalgamation of the former towns of Ominato and Tanabu into one city. Mutsu also has the distinction of being the first city in Japan to write its name in the phonetic script as opposed to Chinese characters.

City Government is striving to prepare Mutsu for its role in the coming century, not only as a city of vitality and importance in Japan, but also as a city of international importance in the field of marine science and technology.


Mutsu City Tourist Information Office 4-3, Shimokitacho, Mutsu City (Mutsu-shi), Aomori Prefecture 035-0061, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.283299,141.18947599999998] Tel: 0175-34-9095 Fax: 0175-34-9096


Shimokita Peninsula Tourism Council (Gururin Shimokita Kankou Kyogi Kai) Mutsu City Govt., Mutsu City Hall, 1-8-1 Chuo, Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture 035-0073, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.292746000000001,141.18347599999998]

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Shimokita Peninsula Hotel & Tourism Association (Mutsu Kanko) 10-25 1, Yanagimachi, Mutsu City (Mutsu-shi), Aomori 035-0031 Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.297843,141.21644499999999] TEL: 0175-23-1311, 0175-34-9095


Mutsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2-11-4, Kogawamachi, Mutsu City (Mutsu-shi), Aomori 035-0071 Japan TEL: 0175-22-2281 FAX: 0175-22-0167


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