Shooting The Nihon Rhine Rapids (Kiso/ Kiso-gawa River), Rafting from Ohta to Inuyama bridge

The Kiso River (Kiso-gawa River) rises in Mt. Hachimori in Nagano prefecture, and empties into Ise Bay. The thirteen kilometers basin running from Mino-ota in Gifu to Inuyama City is a beautiful landscape considered by many the most attractive river in Japan. It is known as the `Nihon Rhine` after the Rhine in Germany.

You can shoot along the watercourse in a wooden boat guided by the skipper’s skilful oar, enjoying the wonderful valley scenery. The trip takes about one hour, and is a thrilling way of experiencing Japan’s seasonal landscape.

On a small mountain, just beside the Kiso River, you will see a beautiful building standing brilliantly above the trees. This is Inuyama Castle, one of Japan’s national treasures and in the south, you can see as far as the city of Nagoya.

13Km rafting the Kiso River from Ohta-bashi (Ohta bridge) to Inuyama-bashi (Inuyama bridge), known as one of the 8 scenic spots in Japan, while enjoying the beauty of each season. Unusually shaped rocks such as the Meoto Rock and the Lion Rock are both must-sees. Watch plentiful wildlife and flora, the traditional practice of catching Japanese sweetfish (ayu) using around eight or ten cormorants tethered with ropes around their necks and hawks to see on the way down.

There are various ways things to do during a trip down the river, such as bird watching or snow viewing in winter. This thrilling trip down the valley by boat, led by expert helmsmen weaving their way through rocky areas, is known as the Japan Rhine Cruise.

The trip by pleasure boat can be made from farther upstream at Nihon-Rhine-Imawatari down to Inuyama. (Time required: 1 hr., ¥3,400). Nihon-Rhine- Imawatari can be reached in 60 min. from Meitetsu-Nagoya Sta. by Meitetsu Inuyama and Hiromi Line (¥770).

You can enjoy “Nihon Rhine Summer Festival” in the Summer season. The Nihon Rhine Summer Festival makes Inuyama even more enchanting as a tourist attraction. The festival is held on August 10th every year. At night, you can enjoy about a thousand fireworks on the banks of the Kiso River near the Twin Bridge. Three thousands volleys of fireworks are displayed one after another from boats on the river. The fireworks bath the river and the night sky with fantastic colors.

Getting There

  • The Inuyama-bashi (Inuyama bridge) reception area is a 5 minute walk from Inuyama Yuen Station Via Meitetsu Inuyama Line by Nagoya Railroad/Meitetsu. A free shuttle bus is available from the Inuyama Bashi reception area to take rafters upstream to the Ohta-bashi (Ohta bridge) boat departure point.
  • 10 minutes by car from Mino-Ota station on the JR Takayama Honsen Line.
  • 4 min by bus from Nihon Rhine Imawatari (Meitetsu Hiromi line)


Shuttle bus: Inuyama bridge departure Shuttle bus: Ohta bridge arrival Rafting: Ohta bridge departure Rafting: Inuyama bridge arrival
9:15 9:45 10:00 11:00
10:15 10:45 11:00 12:00
11:15 11:45 12:00 13:00
12:15 12:45 13:00 14:00
13:15 13:45 14:00 15:00
14:15 14:45 15:00 16:00
15:15* 15:45* 16:00* 17:00*
*: Only between July 20 and August 31

Adults: 3,400 yen, Children: 1,700 yen, Reservations are not needed for individuals and small groups. Discount tickets are available from Circle K and Sunkus stores.

Location and Contact:

Kiso River Tourism (Kisogawa Kanko)

Ohta bashi (Ohta bridge) Point:

2-6-5 Mikado-cho, Minokamo City (Minokamo-shi), Gifu Prefecture (Gifu-ken) 505-0024, Japan [Latitude, Longitude: 35.437806,137.033329] Tel: 0574-28-2727

Fax: 0574-26-2230

Inuyama bashi (Inuyama bridge) Point:

2 Kitahakusanbira, Inuyama, Inuyama City (Inuyama-shi), Aichi Prefecture (Aichi-ken) 484-0081, Japan [Latitude, Longitude: 35.392724999999999,136.94701899999998] Tel: 0568-61-0057

Fax: 0568-61-6126

Kiso River Tourism (Kisogawa Kanko) Website: Cruising Down Japan’s Rhine boat tour, the Kiso River: (Inuyama Tourism) (Gifu Tourism)