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Anjo enjoys many features that can be appreciated from the perspectives of nature, history, and culture. They invite you to visit their Web site and learn about Anjo today. They hope you even take the time to learn about their city in greater detail.

Aichi Regional Map:

Anjo Industry Culture Park – Den-park meet everyone with shining smiles, flowers and greenery.

There are 45km cycling road around Anjo city. There are 5 routes: “Toyota Anjo cycle path(22km)”, “Nishiisuji cycle path(11.9km)”, “Nishitakane Yosui cycle path(4km)”, “Hananoki water cycle path(3.4km)”, “Nakaisuji cycle path(3.5km)”, all of them runs along the top of Meiji-Yosui (water for irrigation) flume.With roads which have three-dimensional crossing by railways and main arterial roads, it is safe and secure to cycle. Cycling to enjoy the feeling of breath coming across seasons you can only feel here with safety and security.

Refresh your body and heart in the amusement heated swimming pool of Mermaid Palace which uses the heat of waste incinerator.

Visit Anjo Park, a famous place to enjoy Sakura in the city is near by the city hall, a park enclosed by pines. In the park there are 200 Japanese cherries (Sakura).

Visit Akiba Park, a park enclosed by greenery, abound in undulations. You can enjoy chirp of small birds and forest bath.

Anjo Sports Park offers ll kinds of sports equipment from playground for little children to serious sports gymnasium.

Horiuchi Park of Anjo City is the hometown of flowers, greenery and fairy tales, together with Grand Ferris wheel and carousel, a brand new electric motor “Meruhen” is running now.

The three-day Anjo Tanabata Festival, with its dreams and romance of a summer night, has been celebrated in early August since 1954. This midsummer night’s dream world is created with two-meter balls, complicated magic tricks, a five-color pennant that flaps in the cool breeze, and other effects.

Visit full-fledged Japanese garden – Jozan-en and feel the wild, grass and trees in every season. Jozan Ishikawa built this “Shisendo” (a lodge) in Kyoto Ichijoji temple, and lived a comfortable life playing poetry.

Anjo City Museum of History in which you can learn about history of politics, economy and culture of Yahagi river basin around Anjo city.

Honsho-ji Temple will tell you plenty of cultural heritages such as Biography of Prince Shotoku told in pictures which is Nationally designated important cultural property are also preserved here.

Meiji River Shrine which you can enjoy solemn. To protect the water supply, four persons of merit of Meiji-Yosui irrigation water digging is enshrined here.

The Site of Ansho Castle is raised by Shinpei Wada of Hatakeyama clan in 1440 (Eikyou era year 12), which is also called Mori-jo Castle, is a kind of “Hirayama-jiro” (the castle built on a hill surround by plain) and have no dungeon, located in Anjo-cho.

Futago Tumulus is a rectangular-shaped ancient tomb located in Futago, Sakurai-cho, which is a national-designated historical relic site.

Jozan Bunko is for the memory of Jozan Ishikawa of Jozan Ishikawa. Jozan is a writer of the early Edo period, who writes excellent Kanshi (Chinese poem), Reisho (Clerical script), Chikutei (Landscape gardening), Sencha-do (Leaf green tea ceremony).

The Black Pine of “Unryu” in Eian-ji Temple in Hamaya-cho is said to be 300-year-old, have trunk which is divided into 3 at 1.4m height from the ground grows like they are hugging the ground.

400-year-old huge tree – Kurogane Holly at Enokimae-cho has a beautiful shape spread like an umbrella which is one of the hugest trees in the prefecture.

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Anjo International Association (AIA) Anjo International Association promotes mutual understanding and goodwill throughout various international exchanges between sister cities and foreign countries. The AIA hosts activities that range from Japanese cooking classes to international exchange student programs. Anyone interested in becoming a member or in learning more about our events should contact: Anjo International Association Anjo city hall call 0566-71-2260