Suruga Bay Ferry (Shimizu Port – Toi Port) and Shimizu Bay Cruises, Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi)

The route lies at the foothills of Mount Fuji. The majestic view of beautiful Mount Fuji towering above the coastline is a sight that can only be glimpsed from a boat.

Shimizu Port, where the landing is located, is just 15 minutes by car from Shimizu Interchange, or a bus ride of seven or eight minutes from Shimizu Station. The high-speed ferry crosses Suruga Bay to Toi Port in 65 minutes. Enjoy a comfortable and convenient cruise that gets you to Izu Peninsula quicker.
Taking the Suruga Bay Ferry lets you use your travel time most effectively, without having to worry about congested roadways. Access to Izu Peninsula and Airport is also convenient and smooth.

The Suruga Bay Ferry offers more than just marine transportation. In addition to breathtaking view of Shimizu Port, Suruga Bay, the mountains of Izu, sunsets, and other scenic sights, the ferry itself can add a moment of magic to your travels.

Cruse Shimizu Port, counted among the three most scenic ports in Japan. Enjoy a boat excursion that offers comfort and relaxation. Shimizu Port Cruises are also available. Tour boats also operate in many other locations in the Izu area, and on the Lake Hamana in Western Shizuoka.

ACCESS: Free shuttle bus from JR Shimizu station (to Shimizu Port) by walking 20 minutes or more,

by bus or car 10 minutes.

Address and Contact:
S-Pulse Dream Ferry Co., Ltd. 3rd floor, Marine Terminal 10-80 Hinodecho, Shimizu Ward (Shimizu-ku), Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 424-0922 Japan [Latitude and Longitude: 34.975415,138.394378] Phone: +81 (0)54-353 2221


Izu Dream Pass

Izu Dream Pass is a very convenient round-trip ticket for Izu Peninsula for unlimited boarding on Suruga Bay Ferry, Tokai Bus, Izukyu Line, Izu Hakone Railway Line, Izu Hakone Bus. Offer three types of Free Passes.

  1. Koganeji Route: where you can enjoy both Nishi Izu and Higashi Izu.
  2. Wasabiji Route: where you can enjoy both Naka Izu and Higashi Izu and
  3. Fujimiji Route: where you can enjoy both Naka Izu and Mishima. Please check boarding areas and prices and choose a pass that meets your needs.

Izu Dream Pass Website: